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By Anonymous
seriously patches really helps you out in this cave. Traveling in this place in first playthrough is sucks
By Anonymous
If you are planning on completing her questline entirely, take her 12 humanities with the dark hand too. It won't aggro her so you will just get more humanity to kindle with (or can unlock the shortcut to save Solaire easier)
By Anonymous
On second thought, you can do it regardless of whether you want to complete her questline or not so that bit is irrelevant.
By Anonymous
She's not appearing in the duke's archives for me, but I've visited her after rescuing from the catacombs?
By Anonymous
Buy the miracles...
By Anonymous
After tomb of giants she will go to the undead parish, and you need to buy ALL the miracles she sells.
By Anonymous
If I already have some of the miracles from whats his face, do I also need to buy them from her to get her to move?
By Anonymous
After you protect her in the Tomb of Giants, return to Petrus and kill the fat ****. Mission accomplished. Now Rhea will live forever at you side, shining upon your path with her sacred light. You can viist her anytime in the Undead Parish church.
By Anonymous
#16655764 I started NG+, became Way of the White,
killed that serpent Patches and went straight to the Tomb of Giants.
Got the Rite of Kindling and moved on, arrived at the place where
they were supposedly deceived by Patches, currently dead.

I picked the skull lantern. But there is no one there.
No Rhea, no Vince, no Nico.

Timeline wise, they technically haven't gone on their mission yet,
since I accomplished for them, same clan and all?
What the ****?
By Anonymous
Have you killed taurus demon?
By Anonymous
Her and lucatiel story left me in tears...
By Anonymous
She has got Wrath of the Gods and still losing a poser
By Anonymous
What happens if I killed pinwheel before I killed Capra demon? Is she down in the catacombs automatically?
By ThatDudeWithCheese
After you kill the capra demon she wont go to firelink and head straight into the Tomb of the Giants if you've already killed pinwheel-sama.
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