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By Anonymous
I think that this may be influenced by Rosine from Berserk's Lost Children chapter.
By Anonymous
Entirely possible, given Miyazaki's strong Berserk fetish with Dark Souls
By Anonymous
Anyone else see how it says the boss is located in the undead asylum
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Witch Beatrice destroys the butterfly
By Anonymous
My Beatrice just stared at the butterfly with her thumb up her *** while I took it out
By Anonymous
Mine too but I'm a sorcerer so it all worked-out.
By Anonymous
Get the black knight halbred first. You can there hit her when she gets close.
By Anonymous
the black knight halbred is to heavie
By Anonymous
I didn't even know halbred was a word. Let alone, a weapon.
By Anonymous
I have it, but I need twice my strength to use it, so no thanks, spiky ball on a stick will do for me
By Anonymous
If this help anyone use gold pine resin it boosted my attack from 48 to 100 as a light attack
By Anonymous
Why are people disliking this OP's just pointing out this thing's weak to lightning
By Anonymous
most boring***** boss ever
By Anonymous
I dunno, Bed of Chaos exists.
By Anonymous
So uhm... Anyone else who has Lepidophobia? No? Just me? Okay
By Anonymous
But that's a fear of reptiles right? I dont get it
By Anonymous
It's a fear of snakes I think.
By Anonymous
No, that's pinwheel
By Anonymous
this boss is the very bane of my existence
By Anonymous
How ? Just get a shield with decent magical absorbtion and block all his projectiles.. you barely need 1 estus to tank. Only dodge the slow homing ones. Unless you are being sarcastic.
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