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This boss is beautiful, but **** is it boring.
Where's the LORE


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Any tips on farming these things for blue chunks and slabs?
Gold covetous ring + 50% item discovery and get humanity to 10 (caps at 10). You could use symbol of avarice instead of the ring (mimic head), they don't stack.
no one expects the BUTTERFLY
"Sorcerers have no problem with this boss. Just do you."

Ain't that the truth.
The shield is not ng+
They mean that you cannot use it against the boss until NG+
Soooo I'm a sorcerer I had no problem doing it...although...I summon the witch to help me and she didn't cast a single spell...I summon her again for the four kings...same thing
Beatrice makes this fight a joke, i just did it in less then 30 seconds thanks to her and no a dont have fotage, you can decide for yourself to beleive me
it happened for me in less than ten, i was coming up with a dodging strategy and when i turned around it was dead
Why is there a strategies section? This is literally the easiest enemy let alone boss in the entire game.
Pinwheel is easier
Is there any lore to this thing?
Seath the scaless made them on his spare time.