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Can anyone please explain to me why cant I summon anyone in anor londo Im human with +1 humanity open nat type sl50 ? ??
Did you alt-f4 to avoid the b******* aspect of the game? You could've gotten a ~24hr soft ban for dodging that s***** game mechanic which shouldn't exist.
Lower water 1st
You can pick up unique weapons (twinkling and demon titanite) and still be summoned by completely fresh players. I tested it by starting a new character on my brother's PS4 and summoning my low level build who had Pricilla's Dagger, Jagged Ghost Blade, Demon's Spear, Dragon King's Great Axe and so on. This was done without password, worked just fine, even though this page says they count as +5 weapons. Also, something's up with the pyromancy flame, my friend who's upgrade level is +4 was able to summon my character with a pyromancy flame of +10, which leaves a +6 gap.
Yeah maybe matchmaking is intended with weapon matchmaking but doesn't work proper yet
I'd like to take a moment and point your eyes to the chart. level 5 weapons can be summoned by fresh, and up to level 11 weapon using players. and as far as the flame goes, pretty sure they count it as a weapon as well.
I’m just having a laugh about weapons and matchmaking bc I just get one shot with Pursuers 9 invasions out of 10 lol
Sounds like you need to git gud =P
Sounds like some players are going straight for end-game gear and then targeting the beginning areas so they can one-shot new players and feel like they're better than they actually are
Welcome to dark souls!
Can my friend summon me when im in NG+ and hes not ?
No, you cannot. People in different ng cycles are invisible to each other, no matter their levels
Yes, you absolutely can. Don't listen to the first commenter.
Level 23 can invade a 713 according to this.
I really hope it's wrong.
in DS remastered its not possible! in the original it is!
theres no infinite matchmaking for dark souls remastered. this website is a **** mess.
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So the weapon matchmaking isn't the same with Gravelord Servants right? Today I started a new game and saw a Gravelord sign as soon as walking into Undead Burg and they had a Demon's Spear.
Base demon spear is +5. you can invade them at +0.
Ive got a question for anybody that's done some good testing with the pyro glove. How does leveling it up scale on the chart for matchmaking?
Upgrading pyromancy flame affects matchmaking. I've done several pyromancy runs using different strategies, for example - sometimes i go straight down to Blighttown when i get to Firelink the very first time, and by using Maneater Mildred as a helping phantom Quelaag can easily be killed on soul lvl 1. If you keep going and cheese Ceaseless Discharge for 20k souls you can upgrade pyromancy flame to +10 via Chaos Servant covenant without picking up any other item, and still be soul lvl 1. This clearly affects my matchmaking and i can almost never get a summon until Sens Fortress. And if i upgrade pyromancy flame to +15 or higher and stay in Sens Fortress i only get summoned by players on NG+(judging from their spells and equipment). I've not confirmed this though, its just from my own experience :)
If everyone sets there password to 1 everyone can play with everyone
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a level 250 player with a +15 weapon and I am level 120 +15 weapon, to invade?