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Can players Invade/Summon other players in different NG cycles? Or is matchmaking restricted to players within the same NG cycle? (i.e. Can a player in NG+ invade a player in NG, so long as they are within their level-range and vice-versa?)
From what I have done if seems like ng cycle does not matter. Not 100% sure tho
NG+ cycles do NOT matter as long as your within level and weapon upgrade range
wait I thought weapon matchmaking was 5 weapon levels not 4, or at least from the tests I have seen.
Not sure if pyromancy glove count. Was summoned as a drogonbro with +7 regular weapon and glove at +10 by player who had weapon at +2 and no glove. No password
Flames works like a weapon, goes to +15. Ascended flame levels stay at +15 for matchmaking purposes.
What if you're a mage and can't leave your catalyst though??? Will I not get summoned unless I upgraded a weapon? Also how are we supposed to know the average upgrade for an area??
I suggest up to +5 normal weapons and unupgraded unique weapons around undead burg and undead parish.
up to +11 normal weapons and +3 unique weapons when around blighttown, depths etc.
and when in sen's fortress or after it I think you can max your stuff
What is the equivalent of a fire weapon +2? Does it count as unique +2?
I figured by myself, but don't take my words as the absolute truth:
Magic//Divine/Fire +0 are the same as a regular +5
Magic//Divine/Fire +1 to +10 are the same as a regular + 6 to +15
Occult/Chaos/Enchanted/Lighting +0 are the same as a regular +10
Occult/Chaos/Enchanted/Lighting +1 ao +5 are the same as a regular +11 to +15

your fire weapon + 2 probably is the same as a regular +7
I have +0 gravelord sword at SL9 and keep getting invaded by max level pyro flame users. Confirmed when I message them after being ohko by combustion.
So if I, as an invader, have a +10 weapon, I can invade people that have a +6 up to +14?
This is stupid I can’t help my friend with my high level character because they are low level they need to Fix this
just use a password, bro
Err...password. enough said
me and my friend would connenct (within normal summon range using pass).
then his save got corrupted, made another character his level is 50ish mine is 105 we wouldnt connect to each other even if we were using password and our weapons were +15 and +13
Same problem
I'm level 30 with a great scythe +11 and I'm being summoned countless times at the altar of sunlight, all the players has weapons that won't exceed +5 (I asked them). Also there's a lot players invading there with full havel armor and lightning weapons. Now I'm wondering if the matchmaking is for droped items only and not for online interaction