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If you need a hand and you play on playstation add me (mirkotigre) and i can give you everything you need
By Anonymous
Hi I really need ur help for this achievement!! My username is LMJK0907 thanks and bye
By Anonymous
Bro I just sat there for 2 days getting all this **** just for trophy not to pop up, thanks Dark Souls
By Anonymous
You’re missing something
By Anonymous
Yup you don't need the demon's spear just popped this achievement on dsr steam
By Anonymous
Wow Fack this trophy, this is literally the only trophy out of all From Software games I will not complete. The amount of farming for upgrade materials, covenant items, it's outrageous really.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It’s not to bad, I’ve gotten the platinum on ps3 and ps4 pretty easily, first was a pain but second run through I knew what I had to do so I just got the materials as I went and wasn’t nearly as bad
By Anonymous
Worse in ds3 imo. Gotta do a bunch of runs to find rings and also get materials for the weapons there. Least once you figure out what to get on the first run, you can just repeat the other 2 times for the rest of it
By Anonymous
I'm doing a platinum run right now. Painful!
By Anonymous
finally got this trophy and the platinum. painful journey
By Anonymous
I have also collected all weapons and the trophy will not come. I ckeck the list 10 times. The only difference is that I upgraded the moonlight sword, dragon sword and nitoh greatsword full. I try to get them again and hopefully this was the reason.

By Anonymous
Try reinstalling the game it may help
By Anonymous
I am working to this achievement but some of the other "annoying" achievements like collecting all miracles was not popping up for me. I did some searching and people have had this same problem. They either put everything into the bottomless box and then re-put everything back into their inventory and if that doesn't work then while having every weapon in your inventory drop one of the items and re-pick it up and it should pop up. Hopefully that helps cuz that's a terrible achievement to get stopped on like that.
By Anonymous
Bruh I got all the weapons and the trophy dousent pop and I 5 or 10 times checked.
By Anonymous
You do not need the Demons Spear (dropped by Anor Londo bat wing demons or sold by Shiva). I just popped the achievement (on 10/27/22), never had that weapon in my inv
By Anonymous
Do you need the darksword? I don’t really wanna farm 30 humanity
By Anonymous
you do not need the darksword
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