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By Anonymous
Can I use cheat engine to spawn sif souls for the weapons?
By Anonymous
Just dupe normally with the giant armour and andre method
By Anonymous
Would someone on Steam trade with me for the Black Knight Shield? I'm on NG++ and going hollow.
By Anonymous
Farm the black knights in the kiln. 10 humanity count and gold serpent, easy
By Anonymous
I had all weapons but somehow didn't get the achievement. I even put them in the same order as the items in this article and checked like 10 times.
So I was desperate and put all the weapons on the ground to collect them again (in case the game just didn't register). So I collected them again and every single weapons I crafted with boss souls was gone, still no achievement.

Thanks Fromsoftware/Steam.
By Anonymous
Do you have any mods installed (visual or otherwise)?
By Anonymous
this happened to me on ds2 i picked up a spell offline by accident and it never counted as i picked it up as soon as i did another playthrough and got it again it popped
By Anonymous
dark souls has a limit to items you can drop down, they will be overwritten eventually, i'm sorry you had this happen to you...
By Anonymous
Can someone please drop me the channelor trident, it's all I need and it wont drop after hours
By Anonymous
why don't use cheat engine?
By Anonymous
Still need it? I can help (Nobody expects...) On steam, was lucky enough to get 3 in a couple of runs
By Anonymous
I got this trophy, hit me up if you need a Sif weapon or rare drop. I'm on PS4

Rant: to not fault of it's own I really hate the Stoc. I never used a piercing sword so I didn't even realize it was a separate cathegory. At the end of my second playthrough I prep everything up for the Knight's Honor trophy, leaving the cursed SoA for last. I make a V line for Sif, bring down every boss I need to get to Anor Londo, find out at the giant blacksmith my I take down O&S a 3rd time for warping and I ****ing realize I need the large ember I had to deal with the most BS boss of this game for a 3rd time, the capra demon and his ****ing dogs on his studio apartment closet.
By Anonymous
Is this offer still good? Also on PS4 and could really use a channelers trident!
By Anonymous
Sure, tho I've never played a soulsborne with another person so I'm not sure how to do it. My character's name is "Ker" and my PSN is "Marcell-Cayalyst".
By Anonymous
Do you still have all weapons? My save file got corrupted so all my progress got reset. Can’t be asked to do everything again. If u could drop all weapons and then have me pick them up and drop them back to you?
By Anonymous
You don't need avelyn from duke's archives?
By Anonymous
Can someone help me with a Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed)? It's the only boss item left and I don't want the pain of a NG just for this

Add me on ps4: phalkmin
By Anonymous
I can help. I Am currently doing Ng + for platinum and I only miss cursed Artorias greatsword and Artorias greatshield. I can create the cursed sword and so se could horror each other the sword for you and the Shield for me.
By Anonymous
*horror = borrow
By Anonymous
My name is ArtoriasFra
By Anonymous
The weapon from kalameet's tail is necessary for the trophie?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Anybody willing to drop Greatshield of Artorias? Its the last weapon that I needed for the achievement. Platform: PC
By Anonymous
Someone has the channelers trident to spare?
By Raaz
I do.
PSN: RaazPuutynn
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