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By Anonymous
so, basically, you need to get to NG++ and beat Sif to get this achievement. .
By Anonymous
I had someone drop me all the weapons and I got it instantly lol. Haven’t even beaten my first play through yet. Poor suckas working their asses off for this thing. XD
By Anonymous
I'm about to start a long journey to get platinum

May Gwyn’s light guide those who partake
By Anonymous
I am really tempted to cheat this, but I shall not. May the flames guide thee, everyone.
By Anonymous
Oh for the love of god
By Anonymous
Knights honor no joke
By Anonymous
People on PC did this one with Cheat Engine I can tell.
By Anonymous
no joke who the hell has time for all this
By Anonymous
If anyone can help me with this and drop all rare weapons achievement call me in my inst:creeper_xd11 I’m ps4
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