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By Anonymous
Does it need to be all on one character
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can anyone drop moonlight greatsword for me on PTDE for my last achievement? nictherocker/gingerbread on Steam. TY!!
By Anonymous
If the servers were up, I could... I just got the silver knight spear (my last item) and no achievement though :< NG++ to get all 3 SIF souls
By Anonymous
oops, seems I fed frampt my stone shield. GG 100% after I got another one.
By Anonymous
I already get all rare weapons, but didn't get the achievement. Can this be a bug from steam?
By Anonymous
The same thing is currently happening to me
By Anonymous
for priscilla's tail, you can get it before the fight starts with great combustion.

crown of dusk
bellowing dragon ring
ascended flame

just go behind her and BAM
By Anonymous
Just tried this on ng+ and can confirm it works
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I’m about to go to NG+ for this achievement so any help is appreciated add me PS4 psn RyanWG16
By Anonymous
Good luck my friend
By Anonymous
Moonlight greatsword
Silverknight shield
Silverknight spear

Im on ps4

the one im having trouble with is moonlight greatsword
Since im in ng++
I can put the effort for the others altough i d appreciate if someone would share the others with me !
Thanks in advance !
By Raaz
PSN: RaazPuutynn
Message me if you still need help.
By Anonymous
Am on ng+ 76 still lvl 100 your trash kid
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The worst part about this achievement is the amount of menus you have to suffer through.
By Lsfelix
I just got the achievement without needing the Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed), only the True version.
By Anonymous
Last one needed to pop it on my PS3, so maybe you had a glitch or something you didn't realize you had done?
By Anonymous
Same thing happened to me with DSR on Steam.
By startowers
be sure to upgrade all pre-boss weapons to +10 on your first run so you don't have to grab the large ember again
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By Anonymous
aint that much of a bud hurt cuz in upper depts, also if your going for this achievement you'd probably also aim for the dark soul.
By Anonymous
you can also revert elemental weapons you get from chests into +10 weapons.

lightning spear

enchanted falchion

occult club

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