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By Anonymous
If any one is willing to help me out, I'll give u all my found souls and upgrade materials... on the remaster xone My gt is jp4yt0n
By Anonymous
PSN-Zombie040503 if you have all weapons hmu please thank you
By Anonymous
If anyone can drop the weapons I’m missing and some slabs to finish my upgrades I can return with duplicates boss souls and items I have over 60 of each boss soul and I have 99 on all basic upgrade materials except for slabs. Add me up thenotoriousjizm
By Anonymous
Sure u do
By Anonymous
I have all of these but no achievement very frustrated
By Anonymous
Make sure you have them in your inventory and not on the bottomless box
By Anonymous
hi all. anybody willing to help with the knights honor achievement on the xbox one remaster? my gamertag is OCD Skifer
By Anonymous
I don't know if it's a bug or a change for the remaster or what, but I just got this achievement without the cursed version of the Greatsword of Artorias.
By Anonymous
Same, I tried to get all the weapons with two different characters and still didn’t get the trophy, the only one I need to get the platinum.
By Anonymous
Guys I acquire some assistance, I have every weapon needed but I am not getting the trophy on ds1 remastered.
Does it need to be unupgraded?
Because I have some items upgraded. And this is the only thing I can think of.

Psn: Suzanne702
By Anonymous
Check the list again or put some weapons in the bottomless box and take it out again
By Anonymous
Can confirm that the upgrade level of the items does not matter. Had a Bloodshield +2 and still got the achievement today.
By Anonymous
If people drop you the weapons, it wont work sometimes. Tough luck beggar, earn your trophy.
By Anonymous
Do you have to have them all at once, or just held them?
By Anonymous
All at once.
By Anonymous
can anyone drop all weapons for me for my last trophy. I will return the favor. PSN: Kingarzs
By Anonymous
Have all weapons listed, still not giving me achivment. Are there some weapons this list is missing
By Anonymous
The abyss greatsword is missing bad the manus catalyst both from flex boss souls
By Anonymous
dlc weapons are not needed- check you have the 3 sif weapons
By Anonymous
Black knight great axe is missing you can only get in kiln of the flame
By Anonymous
same story, one character, all listed weapons/shields/wands includin BKGA in my inventory and no trophy. Whats that about?
By Anonymous
and all this gear is on my character, not in bonefire box. Still doesnt work.. I warp around and even reset game. No throphy pops up.
By Anonymous
Late but it turns out you need the Demon’s Catalyst, which the guide fails fo mention
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