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By Anonymous
do we need the weapons from the dlc in the ps4 remastered version to get this trophy?
By Anonymous
I successfully obtained the Sorcery version of this achievement without obtaining a few spells from the DLC, so assuming it works the same you shouldn't have to collect DLC weapons.
By Anonymous
My last weapon was Priscilla’s dagger so yes
By Anonymous
Pricilla's dagger Isn't part of the DLC.
By Anonymous
You do not need any of the weapons featured in the DLC. Same goes for the sorcery, miracle, and pyromancy achievements.
By Anonymous
Anyone willing to trade to help get this achievement? I have almost all the boss weapons. Just need 2 more and other random stuff. Psn: Necrotizing Death thanks!!!!
By Anonymous
Just make a list. Descriptions and items needed to make the items on the list ruin this.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Got every weapon on the list. Checked my inventory over 10 times to make sure and didnt get the trophy
By Anonymous
Bro apparently you need the gravelord sword aswell im having the same issue
By Anonymous
My issue was that you need to have them all on your character at the same time, not in the bottomless box
By Anonymous
I finally Platinum Darksouls remaster on Ps4 it was a breeze untill this trophy. Anyone having trouble with it im happy to help add me McDevitt93 and ill give you all my sh*t i have all weapons
By Anonymous
my psn is mooreis18
By Anonymous
Someone stole my weapons after i helped like 5 people. Sorry fellas, youre on your own. Dont give up ots more satisfying doing it your self anyway
By Anonymous
Anyone on ps4 got the weapons i meed help with them
By Anonymous
Can u drop me so i can get plz ps4
By Anonymous
"Someone stole my weapons" - LMAO - just do it properly, it's not difficult
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Hello, would seriously appreciate some help on this trophy
By Anonymous
Need help with knights honour trophy, I’m on PS4. Using multiplayer password ‘knights’
(I won’t steal your items, just need help!)
By Cowardly_Nick
no one worth their salt would ever ask for help, nor would they give any
By Anonymous
If anyone on ps4 has all the weapons amd is willing to let me grab them for a sec to get the trophy send me a msg at TheTravellver14
By Anonymous
Can someone help me with the knights honor psn :PaiNinRear
By Anonymous
If anyone needs help on Xbox Gamertag Lnfinity Void
By Anonymous
Hello I was wondering I got all my rare wepons. But didn't get trophy why?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You need he Gravelord sword
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