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By Anonymous
If anyone want to safe me time and just drop a few wepons i missed, pls text me PSN: Trust_in_Dust
By Anonymous
By ElCorredor98
would someone drop the Channeler's Trident i would be really pleased and will give game key in exchange
By Anonymous
please also add that the weapons cannot be upgraded as the system normally (or at least for me) wont recognize any weapon that is upgraded.
By Anonymous
If anyone could help me with this I would be so grateful and would be willing to help with the remaster, PSN: Squatting_Tramp
By Anonymous
I had a friend help me out I got the trophy last night! :) Now to get all the spells.
By Anonymous
If someone wants to help me with this please add me on Steam: TomyFlu
By Tajaz11
what do you need help with, bud?
By Anonymous
I got all the weapons and trophy so now I’m taking a break. If you guys want my rare weapons feel free to reply PS3 only
By Anonymous
That'd be awesome!
PM me on psn?
By juter4397
THIRTEENTHMONKEY I'd appreciate some of those
By Anonymous
hello! it would be super great if you help! psn alessanje
By Anonymous
I Followed this list checking it every so often but sadly did not get the achievement until i looked at other sources and noticed that that the Gravelord Sword from Gravelord Servant covenant is needed for this achievement aside from that this list is 10/10
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By SilverKnightDragon
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I can confirm that the Grave lord Great sword is needed for the achievement
By Anonymous
does anyone have the Channeler's Trident? its the only one i need
By Anonymous
Yes but it takes some time. Need 410 item discovery and a decent weapon your comfortable with. Head over to the dukes archive's and start farming those channelers
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By SilverKnightDragon
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it took me 189 runs at 350 item discovery, i used the bass cannon to one shot them. make sure the stair are rotated so you can reach both channelelrs then run from the warpable bonfire up the stairs, kill only the melee crystal hollows, take out channeller as quickly as possible once they notice you.
By Anonymous
Try: Amazing Ring
By Anonymous
I've been trying off and on again trying to get this achievement for the past 4 years D; Someone please help me ill be eternally grateful Steam: Killtastic
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