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For some reason i got the achievement without Greatshield of Artorias, i had all the rest of the weapons on the same character, and as soon as I crafted the second last one(chaos blade for me), i got the achievement. I got the Greatshield of Artorias on another character, so maybe you needn't get them all on the same one?
Had a similar experience, only I got the achievement without the cursed Greatsword of Artorias and ascending the Greatlord Greatsword as the second last weapon. It's the second time for me encountering this on different PSN accounts so my guess is that the weapon ascended can be interchangeable as long as theres two boss weapons from SIf?
The gravel or sword is on this list lol, how is everyone missing it?
I did everything and still no achievement. I did EVERYTHING.
Another Dark Souls wiki says you need the Gravelord Sword?
This is true, you need the Gravelord Sword for the trophy/achievement
Did everything no achievement, went and got the Gravelord Sword and then got it.
Does it track whether or not you crafted the weapon, or do you just have to hold them on one character. Could I team up with a friend, craft half, have them craft the other half, and share back and forth?
I believe that you must have them all on the same character. This would mean that you have to go at least till NG+1, if not further depending on whether or not you're going for other achievement too.



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Yes same character is required. It has been said some people got it on different ones, but that is most likely a glitch.
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It doesn’t track who made the weapon, just that you have them all at the same time.
I have wvery sword in darksouls including the dlc stuff soooo i dont have the achievement what one is missing im kinda stressing i wanna 100% the game i just need this achievement :/ im level 227 chr0nik stoner1 is my gamer tag for xbox 360 add me up lets get this achievement done :)
What about Gravelord Sword?
Anyone who can give me a +10 bow/greatshield/greatsword?
Need then for darmoon bow /artorias shield / artorias sword.
I was so smart to kill andre so i need to do a whole new playtrough before i can upgrade them again.
My psn : williewalvis
Im level 153.
Please someone , come save my sorry ***
you could just farm the materials before crossing to the new game and upgrade them on that cycle
You don't need the washpole or the demonspear. I'd recommend watching Kond videos tutorial on YouTube.