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By Anonymous
Helps a lot thx
By Anonymous
This things live throu the series
By Anonymous
Not really.
By Anonymous
"(or die, but that's slower)"

LMAO in what universe? By the time you suffer through all the logos and log in and cloud save prompts you'll have done 2-3 trades already
By Anonymous
LMAO, in what universe? You open the menu and go to "system," click "quit game," and you're at the title screen and you click "continue." By the time you have killed yourself you'll have done 2-3 trades already.
By Anonymous
it's far quicker to quit/reload, than it is to kill yourself... or at least its quicker on my pc anyway, as my pc is good and the loading screen is like 2 seconds on my pc
By Anonymous
Roflmao, in what universe? the original game doesn't even HAVE a CONTINUE button, hahaha! And you have to select storage, and character too, ahaha!
By Anonymous
Dropped single, valid item in the center of the nest. Quit game, reloaded. No item for me to pick up. Tried again in a slightly different location (in the nest). Still nothing, and now I'm out of those items. Not happy about it.

Don't quit the game to reload unless you want to lose your items for nothing.
By Anonymous
Must have done it wrong. Sucked in
By Anonymous
Did you even TRY the real nest?
By Anonymous
You must have done it wrong. It should have worked
By Anonymous
My game is not updated so thanks for the item trade. I was able to get the dragon Torso Stone.
By Anonymous
in darksouls prepare to die edition snuggly is not trading with me , but when i put weapons he\she says no no not soft not warm
what should i do?
By MrSrgsnowman
Don't know if you know this or not but you have to drop whatever you want to trade with her, exit to the main menu, and come back. She will drop whatever item she gives away for the item you left there. Do make sure to be near solid ground when you do this because sometimes exiting and going back in can cause your character to move. Hope this helps! \(o.o)/
By Anonymous
she/he doesnt accept weapons, just what's on the table above
By Anonymous
Okay snugly scammed me 3 times in a row in remastered tried exiting game no item, tried dying after placing item twice in nest my item no item in nest
By Anonymous
Okay seems the guide I used lied about which nest
By Anonymous
im on NG+3 on the PS4 version of the remaster 1.01 and snuggly wont show himself ... i tried everything , hope this will be patched soon !
By Anonymous
I hope to god you’re joking.
By Anonymous
At least on xbone Snuggly is working fine, just now trading with him for dem rings.
By Anonymous
Are you sure you're in the right nest? In the North undead Asylum there's two nest. The one you fly from isn't the correct one, Snuggly is halfway down the hill on a thin walkway of stone. Hope that helps otherwise that's a lousy bug you've got.
By Anonymous
what gender is Snuggly ????
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
now why do you need to know that?
By Anonymous
its a guy and youre totally gay now!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous
It identified itself as an apache helicopter /s
By Anonymous
It has been confirmed that snugly is a non-binary female goldfish
By Anonymous
Haha attack helicopter what an original joke haha
By Anonymous
The game doesn't say. Love all the totally not bigoted jokes in this thread.
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