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By Anonymous
The absolute worst questline. Oh no you looked at Siegemeyer the wrong way and he died better luck next run ;)
By Anonymous
This is why I'm glad the ps4 lets you backup your saves to the cloud. If he dies, i just reload and try again :)
By Anonymous
Y'know, NPCs in this game aren't the brightest. Maybe, if the player is doing a horizontal swing with an ultra greatsword to kill one of those demon things, you're first reaction should not be to run right into the swing and aggro on the player, Siegmeyer. I had to waste 39000 souls to absolve my sins for something that wasn't even my fault.
By Anonymous
Siegmeyer isn't in Blightown, I heard all his dialouges, but he remains there at Firelink.
I even reloaded the game and the area, I killed a boss, killed Seath, placed the Lord Vessel...
If someone else had this problem too and solvedcit, please reply.
By Anonymous
you shouldn’t have killed seath yet, you just failed the questline
By Anonymous
I think you need to load blighttown area. Try warp to Caos bonfire and back.
By Anonymous
dont listen to the first guy. i killed seath then found in him in blight town immediately after. also, i did the questline completely out of order, so just do what i did and just warp to all the possible locations he could be in.
By Anonymous
i killed all but one of em but the last one followed me and fell down one of those damn pits
By Anonymous
I quit the game without saving before even meeting him in Anor Londo, near the mimics. When I get to his spot he is gone. I did everything right but did quitting and reloading kill him?
By Anonymous
Have you checked his other spawn locations? It is possible he glitches and can no longer be found, although I haven't encountered this.
By Anonymous
Maybe he is still in sen’s fort that happened to me too and i had to ho all the way back and then it was fixed
By Anonymous
Just messed this up in the stupidest way. Killed all but 1 Eater in the Izalith pool, talked to Siegmeyer, he jumped down into the pool and I followed... landing on top of him which he took as aggression and I had no choce but to end him. All that for nothing.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You couldve just talked to the NPC in the Undead Chapel and payed for absolution.
By Anonymous
Yeah brobro you could have just homeward boned and gone to the area with the gargoyles
By Anonymous
I left one of the ones in the pit alive but when I came back with Siegmeyer there the final one was killed anyway. Not sure how many you have to leave alive
By Anonymous
They could kill themselves after a while.
By Anonymous
They got that suicidal vibe huh
By Anonymous
I killed the 4 just in the pit opening in lost izalith but not the two others that wander around near the pit exits for siegmeyer to kill. It seems that he only looks at those 4 and will go to option 3 even if there are still the stragglers left, ending the questline.
By Anonymous
This is true. Just came to check out what happened and I guess this is the case. So leave at least one of the eaters near the opening alive.
By Anonymous
You do not have to obtain to the lord vessel for the 4th encounter.

I'm not sure exactly what causes him to move to firelink. Maybe just reloading the area/game?

Very helpful for shield only run, as you can get the pierce shield for O&S
By Anonymous
All you have to do is reach firelink after helping him in anor londo but this wouldn’t be common knowledge because you have to backtrack on foot when you’re just about to reach the lordvessel.
By Anonymous
He's black, canonically.
By Anonymous
I thought so at first too based on the preset character but you can see his face through the slit in his helmet and he is white
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Only his voice actor
By Anonymous
No, he isn't. Why claim something like this?
By Anonymous
Good thing I killed him then
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