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By Anonymous
I want him to marry me. Too bad it’s so easy for him to end up dead. :(
By Anonymous
For me, this quest was bugged. Before heading to the Duke's Archives, I went to Lost Izalith. I defeated the Chaos Eaters and upon trying to climb up to the area, I spotted Siegmeyer standing in his usual position, and he gave me the ring, all without talking to his daughter. Not complaining, however.
By Anonymous
Not bugged that's a normal outcome.
By Anonymous
This is just dumb. Siglinde quest will break just by not answering her, not even by saying no. I tried to clear out all but 1 of the chaos eaters. And the last one ran into a @^#%ing hole... "skill issue" they'll say... yeah, on the dev end
By Anonymous
See previous comment. It’s not that hard.
By Anonymous
Kill the 3 cup monsters with a bow before talking to him. Now talk to him until you initiate his charging dialogue, but make sure you are in front of him. He'll be blocked by your body and won't be able to drop down. As he's screaming, kill the last 4th cup monster with your bow. By then he'll have stopped his "I'm Siegmeyer blablabla" dialogue. Talk to him again. He'll say he's tired and go to sleep. Ta-da, you've saved him without him even dropping down lmao.
By Anonymous
I've been digging into this comment section for an hour now. Can someone f**kin tell me what happens if I answer "no" to Seigmeyer's daughter?
By Anonymous
She moves to the Demon Ruins looking for him. She'll either be by the demon sage, near where you fight hollow solaire if you don't save him. She asks again if you've seen him, if you say no she'll ask you to get her some item that looks like a mushroom. You can find it in the swamp under blight town. If you bring it back, she'll be dead and sig will cry. If you consume it instead, your character will trip balls and you'll be in the secret stage from star fox on snes where the planets have creepy faces.
By Anonymous
sigma yer
By Anonymous
So does anyone else hate how easily you can fail this quest?
By Anonymous
Just like other useless quests in this game
By Anonymous
Why does he die instantly for everyone? I jumped into the hole. Did a plunge attack on two of the chaos eaters and the fight was over in like 10 seconds. If we do not count the chaos eater around the corner who i made quick work of.
By Anonymous
BRUH i killed every thing except one of them and then it ****ing followed me to the stairs and fell down one of those holes smh, I guess I should have quit out
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