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Real considerate of the wiki writers to not include how many purple moss clump you need to give him.
By Anonymous
its written on the table you immaculate jackass
By Anonymous
I love how everyone is complaining about the NPC storylines and dont get the point.
If you didnt use a guide in the first place, you will get a different experience every time you play this game. The only thing you can complain about is, that they should never tied to an achievement you can miss.
By Anonymous
Even with the possibility of missing the achievement, I don't think it's an issue, because the earliest it's even possible to get all achievements is decently far through NG+2 (without another player gifting you stuff anyway).
By Anonymous
these questlines are outrageous. do this in a specific things in a ridiculous way and better pray that you didnt mess up or read the wiki before progressing the game at all. fun part of all this is that if you mess up once, you have to start a completely new game if you want another try at it. and hope you dont mess up again...
By Anonymous
You are completely right. This and similar things like this in this game making this game annoying even though this is a really good game.
Besides even though you are ****ing right, this comment have 3 dislikes. This blind idiot fanboys...
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
That's because the game rewards players who take time to explore (back track as well) and LISTEN to what NPCs are saying while figuring out clues left behind; all while the players are trying out things and seeing the results of their actions. The save system is the way it is because it forces you to live with the choices of your actions (or inactions). Meanwhile those with save files controlled access: "Oops, I made the wrong choice, better reload", "Oops I was flailing my weapon around like an idiot and hit someone recklessly and now they're mad, better reload and try again". Instead of crying or getting mad about how you screwed up on a choice you made, something you missed, or an accident you did; trying finishing the game with what happened and either do NG+ or a new file and try things differently. I played Dark Souls for the 1st time about a week ago on a blind run and the questlines are not as hard as you make them sound. Sure I screwed up a few times and made wrong choices and missed some things, but I wasn't flipping out and saying these questlines are "outrageous" or "ridiculous".
By Anonymous
If you answer Yes to Sieglinde at first in Crystal Cave but then say No in Firelink Shrine, you can still get the titanite Slab.

While playing Remastered, I answered Yes to Sieglinde after rescuing her from the Gold Crystal Golem in Crystal Caves, but then I went to Firelink Shrine and answered No. She disappeared. I also hadn't seen Siegmeyer in Blighttown near The Great Hollow Entrance yet. I went to see him, and then did the proper steps in Izalith (killed all but 1 monster around the area down below, talked to him, he jumpted down, I jumped down AND AVOIDED HIM, then went and killed the last monster before the guy hurt himself. He talked about needing a rest and started sleeping while standing, like usual. I went to Firelink Shrine and Sieglinde was there, she talked about her father going on an adventure or whatever. I went to Ash Lake and there they were, I got the titanite Slab.
By Anonymous
If Siegmeyer and Sieglinde are both representatives of their country, then Catarina must be the friendliest country on earth.
By Anonymous
So I killed all the demons but one, like this guide told me. Too bad that the last idiot tried to follow me and killed himself by jumping into a pit.
Now i failed the quest and Siegmeyer is depressed...
I hate NPC questline in these games.
By Anonymous
Questlines in this game are very obscure and janky at times; one possible counter argument is that the game is designed for replayability, meaning if you play several playthroughs you will encounter NPCs in the game and be able to pierce it together eventually. Technically every failed questline is completable in NG+ or another run. That said, I don't fully subscribe to this logic myself, the game has definitely room for improvement in things such as quests.
By Anonymous
I haven't tried this method myself, but it occurs to me that a Save & Quit seems to be in order the next time one of them runs off.
By Anonymous
They are just poorly done. Characters are interesting but there is no way you can interact with them, like telling Sieg about his daughter or telling Rhea that she is about to get murdered and so on and so on. This game wouldve bee so much better if it had some dialog options. I am not one of those dudes who want to be able to save them all, cuz some should die because its dark souls but in some stupidly obvious moments we should be able to change the outcome of things.
By Anonymous
I really dislike the convoluted NPC quests in these games. I get them done about 2/3 without using a guide and then OOPS you didn't drink an Estus next to the statue in the beginning of the game behind the illusory wall that only disappears if you have a special item from the deadly swamp area nobody ever explores. NPC go poof.
By Anonymous
This is such an extreme exaggeration and not even close to how the questlines actually are. Ah, well, 50 idiots still agree.
By Anonymous
a hint, Oct 27 anon: the reason this comment is the most upvoted so far its because of something called "fair criticism".
By Anonymous
Lol dude, i've played ds1 like 9 years ago but i decided to do a blind playthrough right now, so amount of things that happened:
1) I accidentaly said NO to eigyu and didn't know he would become a pyro trainer so i killed him cuz there was no way to get his approval anymore
2) I talk Laurentius about my Chaos orb and he just went there and became hollow (the stupidest part of the game i swear), so my pyro got stuck on +6 and i am not gonna play ng+ (at least i still had my power withing buff)
3) Answered honestly to the Alvia cat, saying "no" and she doesnt want to talk to me ever and Shiva is not appearing
4) Didn't even find Griggs until the very end of the game
5) Missed Sig in the swamp
6) Saved Solaire only because i remembered that there was some fishy buiseness with him and went to the wiki.
7) Rhea died because i didn't talk to Lautrec in time so he could tell me about her rotten companion
And so on and so on and so on. Dude this game is unplayable on the first playthrough, don't tell me these quest arent ridiculous. And i am not even talking about how bad they are with everyone going hollow for no reason (either after 1 death which is stupid when i can run as hollow for days dying continuosly or after losing purpose when... they actually have some kind of purpose (and Andre and Patches survive having almost no purpose but job/hobby). Even crestfallen went hollow RIGHT after he started enjoying his life a liitle bit. I don't get this game, writing is just bad beyond the base concept
By Anonymous
If you played DS1 nine years ago and did a "blind" playthrough recently and did that bad... that's your own fault. Sounds like you speed rushed everything without even trying to properly pay attention. I played DS1 for the 1st time ever about a week ago blindly just to see how I would do and did better than you just by listening and paying attention. And they are nowhere this bad as this guy describes the questlines. I'm just checking the wiki now because I'm curious to how things could have gone differently.
By Anonymous
so I killed O&S before talking to him in Anor Londo, but the wiki claims you need to pick up the lord vessel before he moves yet he isn't in Anor Londo, am I just ****ed?
By Anonymous
he was still there for me, i had placed the lord vessel in firelink as well
By Anonymous
i killed him that's how dark souls is meant to be you kill everything
By Anonymous
this same kind of retards that kill NPCs can be found later in the comments asking how to get him/her back for items or something... claiming they "accidentally" killed the NPC. damn retards

By Anonymous
dark souls is meant to be about being stuck in an unforgiving land and using every helping hand along the way for the sake of survival, i think your just a sadist rather than that being the point of the game
By Anonymous
There's another outcome to the Izalith encounter. If you die, but he survives and kills all the chaos eaters, then respawn and return to him, he tells you he failed you, and overcome with depression, he dies. Probably the most frustrating way to fail the quest.
By Anonymous
Lol i thought it couldnt get any worse with this quest
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