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By Anonymous
So you trade his life for a titanite slab? Is that the point of the first option?
By Anonymous
I jumped in and Siegmeyer died almost instantly, and I was wondering why... Then I came here and read "don't use aoe".... bruh I litteraly spammed the **** out of wrath of god xd guess it's my bad then bruh
By Anonymous
bruh I killed all the eaters before getting him to there at all,I guess I failed it
By Anonymous
his fatboy swag...........
By Anonymous
dark souls
By Anonymous
Currently trying not to cry, I didn't realize the >50% thing, and died during the fight. Now he's dead, and I've lost one of my favorite game characters ever.
By Anonymous
I almost cried reading this
By Anonymous
I killed him as soon as I saw him, lol
By Anonymous
This is the single hardest action sequence that have been made in a console or pc game ever. Getting the slab is pure RNG. 1% chance first try. Used save game addon and did it in around 10 tries. I have finished game sl1 +0 reibforced club. Extremely skilled player here
By Anonymous
It's worth noting if you're on the sixth encounter, it's very easy to accidentally kill all the Chaos Eaters. Make sure to kill all but one and either die and run back or run up to the pit and quit out to reset the aggro.
By Anonymous
Might help to clarify for other first timers like me, you need to reset the aggro to avoid the last eater hopping down the bottomless pit as it chases you.
By Anonymous
"Allow me to assist you!" (jumps into a pit of enemies I could have easily handled myself and dies)

Thanks Siegmeyer, very cool.
By Anonymous
Siegmeyer + Solaire, name a better video game duo
By Anonymous
Ashley Greene's "ballistics" in Resident Evil 4.
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