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By M0nty
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I found that Seigmeyer stayed in Firelink, even after I left and came back several times, until I went to Blightown and saw him there. i.e. Going to Blightown makes him disappear from Firelink.Also, his daughter's golden golem did not appear in the Duke's forest until after I had seen Seigmeyer in Blightown.
By Anonymous
Her golem will sometimes appear even before that. It's rare, but it happens
By Anonymous
can you kill him for his armor
By Anonymous
No. You can kill his daughter for the armor or buy it from the hidden merchant before the iron golem at the top of Sens fortress.
By Anonymous
How dare you? Wht would you even think about killing a god of a man like himself?
By Anonymous
Best character in the series after havel and solaire
By Anonymous
It was so cool to see him again in the third game for sure.
By Anonymous
In Dark Souls 3 it was a different onion knight called Siegward
By Anonymous
Havel ascends to legendary godhood by standing in a basement and smashing freshspawn with a tooth.
By Anonymous
I think that
Sun-Bro is really Gwyns firstborn, and already a god. But onion bro and Havel are badass too
By Anonymous
Honestly, I think ds3 Patches is the best character
By Anonymous
No love for Tarkus?
By Pixieking
Easy way to kill the Chaos Eaters: Stand just above them and kill them with arrows. Bear in mind that there seems to be an Eater that you can't see/kill until you drop down, but I would still repeat what I did - kill all but one, then drop that one to low health, just in case the hidden one randomly doesn't spawn.
By Anonymous
Lightning Bolts will AoE if you hit the water, damaging up to three of the Chaos Eaters at a time.
By Anonymous
Onion bro !!
By Anonymous
Siegmeyer sings a sad Catarinian Song:
By Anonymous
Siegmeyer is the beast of a man
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
He is the onion bro
By Anonymous
The ultimate onion of DS/DSR.
By Anonymous
Knocked him off a cliff inside Sens Fortress :(
By Anonymous
That sucks... the onion knight will continue to live on though...
By Anonymous
You do not have to get the lordvessel to get him to leave anor londo. Finding and talking to him there is enough to get him to leave for firelink.
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