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Eat my ***** mother*****er
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I was entering the tower by the darkwood door... I was ready to fight him, going backstab to save some time... And when I thought he would start the fight... he just...kept his shield on his left arm, the dragon tooth on the other... and I clearly saw his head... bowing towards me... It reminded me of the greetings of of Sir Alonne in the Old Iron King DLC of "Dark souls 2".I've never saw that before... never. Did it happened before, for someone else ? Or am I finally completely crazy ?
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I finally Have the answer, and there's no joke about it : this anmation was a scripted act that would allow Havel to buff up his poise / deff... the power that he use in DS3 ! Here, you can have the proper look to the animation ( actually, the only time that I saw it on video... )

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Yes you can parry him but if you fail you are dead. Just abuse the openings in his defense and you can defeat him a lot more safely.
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I have the drake sword and a circle strafe strategy works perfect . I backstabbed Havel almost every time
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he can one shot you early game if not the knight class
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I chose thief and he two shot me
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Why does Havel guard a water tower which pushes beneath ground so close to the Well abyss which homes the Four kings ? Is it something to do with lightning ?? Will lightning and water somehow interact with the Well ???
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He's not guarding the tower, he was locked inside when he started going hollow.
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Hey bowed at me like the other person's comment
(I backstabbed the ***** when he did it cuz ***** him)
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If you have 24str and Zweihander, take off all armor, and just wait for him to swing, dodge, then hit once. The Zweihander will stagger him every time, making it very easy to get out of the way of his next attack, dodge, hit once, get distance/dodge. The Zweihander makes it easy. You can get a couple of backstabs in, but don't get greedy.
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I don't think this could work considering havel's full set gives you 121 poise and not even Zweihander could stager that
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it took 13 consecutive parries to take this guy down w/ a thief at lvl 5 :\
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13 MANLY attacks
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