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By Anonymous
imagine Fromsoft releases a Knight of Rock covenant in Elden ring, you join massive battles specifically against any dragon bosses in the game helping a host who is in a covenant of blue kind of thing. maybe it would be way too complicated to pull off but imagine how cool it would be.
By Anonymous
look at this DUUUUDE, he thought elden ring was gonna have COVENANTS
By DemonsSoulsMaster
The strategy page for Havel is longer than the strategy page for most bosses
By Anonymous
Maybe Ledo locked him up
By Audmundus87
I think it was Gwyn. Havel was probably incensed at the fact that Gwyn allied with Seath
By Anonymous
backstab backstab backstab backstab backstab backstab backstab backstab backstab backstab backstag
By Anonymous
And parry parry parry parry parry parry parry parry paryy parry parry paryy
By Saint_Sneed
Havel isn't a bishop. That's a mistranlation. He has bishops under his command.
By Anonymous
Yeah, let's be real here. Havel's a rook
By Anonymous
Bro created a powerful miracle thats designed specifically to stop magic damage because of his hate for seath.
By Anonymous
The patron saint of poise bois.
By Anonymous
Why is parrying not listed as a strategy? All but 2 of his attacks are super easy to parry and it deals the most damage.
By Anonymous
All his attacks can be parried if you stay really close to him.
By Anonymous
My dream: party's him and instantly dies. Real life: hits him with black knight sword and does 1 damage
By Anonymous
Real life: party’s him 34 times with a broadsword and he dies.
By Anonymous
lol Havel has more strategies on how to kill than any boss on the wiki
By Anonymous
make a havel knight/warriors covent please
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