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Chain Backstab Go brr
By Anonymous
1) Get standard greatsword
2) Get Magic weapon
3) Crit and tear until it is DONE
By Audmundus87
Magic weapon doesn't work well on him due to his exceptionally high magic resistance. Lightning and fire do far more damage
By Anonymous
Havel "The Rock" Johnson
By Anonymous
he’s like bocchi the rock but not ***
By Anonymous
I find it sad that this guy is a Havel the Rock himself and not just his follower. Hollow, "locked away for his own good" probably by Ledo, and slain by some naked nobody with a club. The man who carved his armor and shield out of rock, and pulled a teeth from an everlasting dragon to use as a weapon, meet his end in some faraway tower no one knows of.
By Anonymous
Yeah, Dark Souls is not exactly known for giving people happy and fulfilling ends
By Audmundus87
Thing is Havel was most likely trying to warn Gwyn about how dangerous Seath actually was.
By Anonymous
Yeah, or, you can just kick him off the stairs until he dies lol
By Anonymous
Havelook at deez nuts lmao
By Anonymous
Just started playing Dark Souls Remastered today after spending a lot of time in Elden Ring.

Used the Zweihander and went naked for light rolling, was able to effortlessly dodgeroll and backstab. Very easy to dodge his attacks.
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