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By Anonymous
If you shoot off the red drakes tail at the bridge you will get a drake sword, which to me personally is a great starter weapon.
By ProfHojo
Drake Sword is a fantastic starting weapon
By Anonymous
Excelent weapon until you get the gravelord sword in the catacombs. I am still using it with 75% of the game completed. Curently with 340 phys and bonus 300 poison damage. Kills most things I have encountered so far.
By Anonymous
If you want an easy kill on a Black Knight with a high chance to recieve a Black Knight Sword, progress to the first Black Knight in Undead Burg after clearing all the enemies up to this point. Farming enemies in the area or the enemies on the bridge in front of the Drake repeatedly will award you soft humanity (number in top left corner by your HP bar) which effects item discovery (also you want to be human). Aggro the Black Knight and run back past the Residence and up the small ladder by the enemies that toss Firebombs at you. He cannot follow you on to this platform, allowing you to easily kill him with Pyromancies/Ranged attacks. Almost guaranteed Black Knight item from him (Sword or Shield) with 5+ soft humanity and being human. This humanity threshold also seems to be present for the Black Knight with the Halberd in Darkroot Garden and the Black Knight with the Ultra Greatsword in the Undead Parish.
By Anonymous
Wish I had read this first. Just killed him with 4 soft humanity and got nothing. :-(
By Anonymous
Being human does not affect item discovery stat.
By Anonymous
instead of fighting him like that, stop being a pu**y and wasting time. get right into the battle and actually try to learn from mistakes and get better at the game instead of using cheese strats
By Anonymous
If you go to the catacombs right after killing the Asylum Demon and go to the tomb of the giants (Make sure your strength is at 16 to be able to two-hand this majestic sword) Before entering the Tomb of the Giants make sure to pick up the Eyes of Death behind the big titanite Demon. Then join the Gravelords covenant and you get the Gravelord sword and the Gravelord Sword Dance miracle before you kill the major Bosses! Now if you want to be OP, go kill Pinwheel before you go fight Taurus Demon for the ability to have 20 Estus Flasks and an OP Greatsword for your adventure!
By Anonymous
or just use that 16 strength to wield a zwei
By Anonymous
hit the gargoyle at the first bell in the tail and you cut it off
By Anonymous
yeah but you can get one each play through so i don't know how rare that would really be, still though i know theres a fair chunk of people who never tried good advice still
By Anonymous
dark wood grain ring should have a link in here as many new players will over look it or not know what to do to get the bodyguard to appear
By Anonymous
The Symbol of Avarice is good for farming (item discovery +200), however it drains your health whilst wearing it. I would recommend a decent Vitality stat, or alternatively get the enemy's health low, then switch headgear mid-fight to the Symbol of Avarice.
By Anonymous
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring does the same thing, but without the negative side effects. It can be found in Sen's Fortress, you have to realign the boulder contraption so the big boulders roll down the deep path, stack into this large hole in the ground, then break the wall behind the hole. The Covetous Gold Serpent RIng will be straight ahead along a ledge, I think. Be careful though, the boulders will continue to roll down and will do a ton of damage, even to higher level players! One last thing, Symbol of Avarice cannot be equipped at the same time. It's either one or the other.
By Anonymous
You can stack symbol of avarice and gold serpent ring. You don’t need to have 10 humanity that way. You can stack symbol of avarice with silver serpent ring for even more souls.
By Anonymous
04 Mar 2020 Anonymous - you are absolutely, 100% *WRONG*.

In no version of the game do the Symbol of Avarice and CGSR stack the Item Discovery stat. It's always one or the other. You still need 10 soft Humanity to maximize Item Discovery.

The SoA *DOES* stack with the CSDR - giving you 44% more souls.
By Anonymous
There is no luck stat in dark souls 1 which is what this page was linked from. This is obvious because one of the links in the list was about vagrant items..... also obviously luck and items in ds3 can lead to you finding rare drops. This is a sloppy page that needs to be changed
By Anonymous
I mean I know it isn't a "luck" stat but there is item discovery. Which is maxed at 410 with 10 humanity and gold covenant serpent ring/symbol of avarice
By Anonymous
What the hell is this page even
By Anonymous
maybe I get 4 or 5 of them or more
Should I play it again?