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this game taught me to not use lock on ever because of how dogshit rolling is when locked on
By Anonymous
people disliking because they're mad you're right
By Anonymous
Yep that's the truth. If you watch any no-hit runs at least 90% of a time they fight without locking. Lock gives you almost sure hit but it greatly reduces your mobility. Pr0 players use lock only with range attacks.
By Anonymous
I got this game from my wife's boyfriend for Christmas and while it's a pretty good game it's still not as epic as Lords of the Fallen. Too bad :/
By Anonymous
There wouldnt be a lords of the fallen without dark souls lad
By Anonymous
Every Lords, has it's Of the Fallen

- John Lordsfallen
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now way its history wizard
By Anonymous
Was your wife's boyfriend happy with it?
By Anonymous
Commit suicide. You're a worthless cow.
By Anonymous
this guy is a * and should fall down the stairs
By Anonymous
Just picked up this game I definitely enjoy this game graphics good runs smoothly but it does feel a little bit slower than the other fromsoftware games but still a good game
By Anonymous
Best thing to do is just take the game as it is. If you start comparing it to the other games you’ll just get frustrated.
By Anonymous
DeS, DS1, and especially DS2 require more patience than the other games.
By Anonymous
Dark souls fans when they meet light humanity fans
By Anonymous
Git Gud Scrub
By Anonymous
This game is kind of fun but looks not great next to Demon Souls remake. Also doesn't quite have as much personality as that game. Oh well I got the trilogy plan to play through all 3!
By Anonymous
Not as much personality? You're comparing a graphics update to one of the most iconic games of all time.
By Anonymous
People on the internet really do have the worst opinions
By Anonymous
I personally own this for the PS4 and by father owns 3 so my plan is to beat both and get some cool armor.
By Anonymous
Say what? When it comes to personality or perfection of created world Dark Souls 1 beat Demon Souls. It was DS1 than created whole souls-like genre not Demon Souls even if Demon Souls was the first game made. DS2 or DS3 added many interesting mechanics but could not copy DS1 unique personality and atmosphere even if FromSoftware was trying hard to recreate it.
By Anonymous
Nah Demons Souls original still has more weirdness and atmosphere than ds1.
By Anonymous
Demon souls has a lot of character. Dark Souls is iconic though.
By Anonymous
Demons Souls does have a unique atmosphere but other than that Dark souls 1 is better in every way
By Anonymous
Hi hi just wondering i just started the game with my boyfriend and he keeps talking and asking about some merchand or something that sells and buy stuff can someone help me?
By Anonymous
There are plenty of merchants in the game with many different things for sale, you have to be more specific. Any specific item you're looking to buy?
By Anonymous
Great game with unique online mechanics like vagrants or gravelording. You can play it hundred times and still you'll find something new. Many weapons, armors and upgrades to choose from, combined with fully free stat distributing allows you to create any build you like. All of this gives DS1 great replayability potential and option to make more daring challenge runs.
By Anonymous
I wish game didnt have so clunky movement, im looking forward remake
By Anonymous
its white culture to see dragons and the like so white people can relate to it
By Anonymous
What? You can't sell items?!
By Anonymous
There is one NPC who shows up partway through who you can more or less sell things to, though in general most items that drop from random enemies are only worth 50 or 100 souls, which is basically nothing once you get to higher levels.

Items you don't have equipped don't weigh anything, but if the cluttered inventory bothers you, you can buy the Bottomless Box from the merchant in the Undead Burg for 1000 souls. You can access this from any bonfire and it allows you to store things until the NPC I mentioned turns up.
By Anonymous
i would recommend people to learn the janky PvP its pretty fun but super toxic to new players. it is backstab sim but its worth the time and effort to "git gud" very fun. come to the township im there everyday
By Anonymous
It's the same for every Fromsoft game, but I'd say to avoid online multiplayer in some of the earlier areas. The amount of tryhard twinks you'll meet is ridiculous. It becomes much more bearable and actually fun when you're playing on an even playing ground sometime after the gargoyles.
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