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2021 btw


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I was chilling at the bonfire in Anor Londo checking my gear, this was my first time in the Anor Londo palace and I was just admiring the interior, suddenly out of nowhere some rude fellow which reminds me of a `?=)(/&%ç*" and acts like an `?=)(/&%ç*" invaded me and baited me into attacking Solaire (God rest his poor soul). That rude fellow and Solaire sliced me down like a piece of wood and made me lose my humanity. After waking up from this nightmare partly hollow I found myself again resting at the same Bonfire and everything seemed normal except, Solaire was not my friend anymore, he became a bitter foe and I had to put him to rest, God forgive me, but I had to do it, i can still hear him sayin: "Why... you!?". Now back to the rude fellow who started this dispute between the good old sun lover and me, I wish you little `?=)(/&%ç*" were never born and I wish you die a slow death of pain and misery! To my good old friend Solaire: "I will never forget you buddy!".
Rest In Piece Solaire May you find your Sun.
I need someone to help me fight gwyn in second playthrough. I am level 142
I can’t get tired of this game no matter how much I play. I think the world design is the biggest reason. The first half feels like one giant roam rather than separate segments, I can’t even use homeward bones I just keep jogging back and forth uninterrupted. The lack of loading screens has a huge impact on immersion and as a slower more completion driven player it’s the perfect combination. I’m f’ing obsessed with this game.
I feel ya. Not sure if obsessed is the word. There is no words...but I'm in love with this game.
elden ring has big shoes to fill
Is it possible to stack the bellowing dragoncrest ring with the dusk crown and power within?
Yes - It definitely is
The netcode is bad because the server is in Blighttown.
is there a way i can create an account without having to jon vip?