Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki
I am an older gamer (40+) going through DS for the first time. This game reminds me of Metroid games with that desolate adventure feel... with the same kinds of backtracking and "sequence breaks" too. All the little secrets and NPC encounters are very oldschool JRPG. I haven't been this engrossed in a game in a very long time.
it truly is a game to bumble through. until you know how to optimize it. seek out others advice as little as possible. its best if you experience it first hand as much as possible. (though if you get stuck, do seek out advice. it's what it's their for.)
Ah, reminds me of the older Castlevania and Megaman series, though the latter is not really relevant
Yeah, I've heard people refer to DS1 as a real "Metroidvania". I'm honestly surprised by how much backtracking/exploring is involved. They definitely altered that in DS3 with instant bonfire warping.
Level design is best in DS trilogy.
However both DS2 and 3 have weapons with better movesets.

Pick your poison.
How do I get the Irithyll Straight Sword?
You need to beat the game at ng+7 fist only, witout taking a single hit, while blindfolded in less than 30 minutes
Is there seriously only this Wiki? About a game that is so hyped and has such a hardcore fan base?

So many enemies, lore-infos, areas etc. are only filled in marginally...

I do appreciate the effort of everyone involved, but is there no "REAL" wiki with full on information?