Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki
Yep, the wiki's dead i knew it, RIP for the wiki and the game
'Yep, this wiki's dead i knew it, RIP for the wiki and the game' this wiki isnt dead the visitors arent visiting this web anymore you rotting ****. there is still infomation about the game. the infomation is immortal. the visitors aint.
chill out people don’t use wikis to chat in the comments that’s what reddit’s for
oh just wandering why there no more comments
I am here for the info, not chatting
if thatll be all, then be gone with you! youll spoil my focus
what happens if someone reports a post? i need to know to be wary
Does anyone still play dark souls 1? Just looking for some co-op, I‘m on Xbox 360
i played ds1 now to me im playing ds3
One of the best games I have ever played and the community is amazing as well.
'the wiki's dead'.... So many people are glad this wiki exists!
i hate this game, its amazing


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he is hot, prove me otherwise