Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki
Some pages are missing, some pages have misspeling. Someone ever moderate this wiki?



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The wiki has been moved software twice, so I imagine some technical difficulties are unavoidable. I would not say it's "broken" because of misspelling - if you can pinpoint the locations I'm sure they can be fixed.
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Hey! Anyone wanna play some original dark souls? I'm playing the disc on x box one right now message condemned1774
Does anyone want to drop me a bunch of items on dark souls 1? Message condemned1774
your trash just quit try to Git Gud then get back on this wiki
If anyone is trash it's you anon.
I'm on PS3. I started playing DS2 a few days ago and can beat the game but I just want to kill the Fume Knight to kill Sir Alonne. So if someone on PS3 with The Old Iron King DLC can help me please reply
Try here:

just sharing for the community


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wuz up people iam looking for some one to play with my psn is tony_the_shark77
Anyone want to join us XP grind final areas on dark souls 3 PS4 Password memo1234
If anyone plays Dark Souls 1 on ps3 I have a Discord if you want to join.
Hello, I didn't see the Knight in Undead Asylum, and got no Estus Flasks. This is my first time playing Dark Souls Prepare to die Edition, and things have been alright without them, but now I am in Darkwood Forest, and fighting the Moonlight Butterfly has become UNBEARABLY frustrating with no Flasks. Please,can someone tell me, if I return to Undead Asylum, will I be able to get the Flasks then, or do you recommend me just restarting? Thanks!
There's a bonfire in darkroot garden. It's next to the seal of Artorias behind an illusionary wall.
If you go back and kill the knight, it should drop the flask
Git Gud