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By Anonymous
What about a bow/faith strategy? I've been doing good damage but the running back and forth to eventually get stuck in a corner is getting old. Not to mention it would take a little over 1000 arrows to beat kalameet.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Black Dragon supremacy, ya'll.
By Anonymous
Beat it on second try after learning the move patterns, very cool tho. Was so unsure if it could be possible to get something from the tail I did not even try, it left so few openings for that...
By Anonymous
Since we get a ring that makes us take double damage, does that mean that kalameet was taking double damage this entire time?
By Anonymous
**** Kalameet! All my homies **** him!
By Anonymous
you on g*ywatch for this one bro
By Anonymous
best waifu, I wish he would stomp on me more
By Anonymous
Not even full Havel can withstand his attacks. Unfairest Boss in whole DS
By Anonymous
Git Gud scrub. Learn to dodge roll casual
By Anonymous
git gud scrub. learn to dodge roll ******
By Anonymous
More like you've been unfair to the enemies and you're only now realizing it.
By Anonymous
Don’t you love the dark souls community. They’re always so helpful to each other.
By Anonymous
GiT Gud gIt Gud GIt gUd
By Anonymous
Fun fact the red eye on kalameets head is not an eye. He actually has two regular eyes on his skull
By Anonymous
I think they put it their to show us his drill attack is incoming. That attack has an out of world hit box.
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