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Could you add that contrary to popular belief you can actually make kalameet bleed out.
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Thanks for the tip! My current character uses the Lifehunt Scythe/Bloodbite Ring combo, so if it has blood I'll make it bleed!
By Anonymous
us there anyone around lvl 75 or in that range that can help me with him later today?
By Anonymous
Yeah add me on Steam. xMICK3Y_MOUSE13
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After several hours of experimenting, finally I found sureshot way of tail cut. I would like to share. Setup: light armour (mask of child, black hemm set), black knight halbard +5, tower shield +5. The main need here is fast roll, stable shield and a weapon (stronest possible) with vertical hit and long reach. Now the chances for his tail cut, but I found best is when he stomps tail, it gives lot of time to hit. Only trick is how to get it. Here is the trick. Try to make him fly over you when he swoops to attack. Dont dodge, Keep shield up, stand just beneath him as he flies over, disengage lock and wait just below his tail (it will be just above you if you do it right. Next he will attempt to stomp, just move to one side a little (preferable right side, he stomps left). Now go double handed, hack. If you have strong weapon like mine, it just needs 2 hits, then the most awaited sword is yours....Happy hunting....Feel free to comment or ask for doubt.
By Anonymous
Another very interesting fact. Kalameet can damage himself even if you dont do anything. He gets damage while charging or swooping to attack. All you need to do is to defend well and stay close to a wall, he hits a wall and gets damge. If you dont believe me, try it and see the fun...:) Happy hunting
By Anonymous
Having forgotten to post another one of my strategic tips for this fight, I thought I'd weigh in to this section with some advice.1. Firstly, it is very hard to fight to kill Kalameet and remove his tail in one go unless the player is both fast and lucky: speed is necesscary to stay alive amid the dragon's flame attacks, luck coming into play when it comes to actually finding an opening to attack the tail. However, as it is far easier to kill Kalameet than remove his tail, it can be acomplished in two runs if desired (though some prestige may be lost in the process).2. Learn to recognize the moves which leave his tail open for attack: the two-legged standing breath attack and his tail slam, are fairly hard to trigger intentionally and the latter leaves you at risk from stomp attacks and his turning claw/bite.3. Guess how much health it takes. In NG, by the time I cut the tail, I'd removed almost half his health. Before anyone corrects me, this is without landing any hits on anything except the tail: this is easily the hardest tail-cut in the entire game.4. While maintaining target-lock on Kalameet is the easiest way to block or dodge his attacks, it makes tail cutting almost impossable. It is therefore necessary to learn when it is both possible and practicle to drop the lock and move to attack. For his standing flame attack, providing your character can make it under or around Kalameet's leg in time, it is helpful to drop the lock as soon as you are out of his direct line of fire (pun originally unintended). For the tail slam, drop the lock as soon as you've dodged and spin to land one or two hits.5. Invest in patience. While I attempted to cut the tail, my biggest enemy was myself: going for every possible oppurtunity, regardless of risk, meant that the tail-removing stage of the fight lasted around 2-3 hours. I hope that those who take my advice will have a better hold on their impatience than I did.Good luck to those who pursue the black calamity!Praise the sun!
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hi is there anyone playing ds1 in ps3 ?
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I don't see it being mentioned before, but you can kill Kalameet without Gough's help. As a proof, I'm leaving a link to the video where you can see how to do it ( , 0:21). Be aware though, because it's really hard to achieve. It's not a bug, because doing so reveals a new dialogue with Gough if you talk with him for the first time after defeating Kalameet (not shown in the video, only mentioned).
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When you wore all heavy armor,Havel greatshield and smough hammer and cut the dragon's tail at the last moment. Feel so good
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trash boss, that tail was not meant to be cut and his attacks are meant to be unblockable, max stamina and he hit me with his breath attack continuously, was using havel's shield and he killed me. also the tail has a very limited hit area as my spear and black knight halberd have not managed to hit it at close range when he did his tail stomp, therefore this boss is crazy OP with an insane broken hitbox and not worth the hassle
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trash boss because way too bloody easy. This thing was an absolute cakewalk compared to Darkeater Midir. The tail wasn't even that hard to cut. Just hit it a few times with a Zweihander and boom, done. as for the rest of the fight, highly telegraphed moves + extremely limited moveset = stupidly predictable boss who's attacks can all be very easily avoided.
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git gud
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Git Gud
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