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By Anonymous
Why can’t you cut this stupid piece of crap’s tail?!! Stupid DLC!!!
By Anonymous
git gud scrub
By Anonymous
How much health does his tail have?
By Anonymous
700 to 800hp,just cut its tail moment ago.
By Anonymous
He fights a lot like a dog enemy, attacking at annoying times, and often jumping away
By Anonymous
as ex]ected.
By Anonymous
respect kalameet you absolute beast
By Anonymous
I got the tail. It really didn't take me that long, once I understood what needed to be done.

May be kind of pointless to say, at first I too felt this was unclear, but the key is to stay mid-range and bait his swoop.

But, what is mid-range, I asked myself.

Basically, mid-range is where he will swipe at you and sometimes breathe fire from left to right.

So long as you dodge backwards, whenever he attacks, and return afterwards, eventually he should swoop at ya.

To stay below his tail, roll left as he swoops and then right as he lands. Doing so, triggers his tail to slam, but also puts you in a safe position.

I used the Black Knight Sword, two-handed, at str 40, got it in one cycle.

I hope that this helps someone, for I too struggled with it for a while.
By Anonymous
1/3 od his HP into his tail on NG++ and it didn't fall off. What a *******
By Anonymous
i managed to shoot of his tail without lock on wwith a crystan souls spear idk how but i did
By Anonymous
Crazy how much easier this fight becomes with Greatshield of Artorias, even on NG+.
By Anonymous
life is much easier if you just raise that shield up and tank his breath from above. I might have devolved into a snail after trying to cut his tail so much, his fight to kill him is ******* too. Then I realized you could just tank the hit with Artorias shield, much better now. I feel like sitting in a hole and snipe him to death is much more easier than this. No more Gough next time.
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