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By MatinArtorias
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This boss was really fun on a giantdad build,first try with 20 estus
By Anonymous
Tail is the real boss
By Anonymous
Literally dollar store Midir. What an excuse of a dragon. I bet the hellkite wyvern is bigger.
By Anonymous
If that would be true, Ceasless Discharge was the strongest Boss.
By Anonymous
his stupid fly up aoe breath attack is utter *******, everything else can be handled
By Anonymous
Unlocking the camera helps a lot with dodging that attack.
By Anonymous
Roll away from him until you lose your lock on, that usually does the trick
By Anonymous
Incredibly annoying how hard it is to cut off his tail ... you have to be so extremely fast. I just fought him in NG+, a 20 minute fight, he did the tail slam move literally once, and I was nowhere near him, despite me trying to bait it out. The reason this is so annoying is because he's so easy otherwise, it's not like I'm going to die to him 500 times and keep getting tries at his tail, no, I just ran around for 20 minutes not hitting him and strictly going for his tail, only to give up and shred him when I actually started trying to. Seriously, all I had was a +5 Silver Knight Shield and he literally couldn't touch me with his physical attacks, then his fire attacks are easy as hell to dodge. Thank God I don't need the Obsidian greatsword for a platinum.
By Anonymous
*High pitched demonic screeching*
By Anonymous
Stick to between his legs and his rear haunches with a high stability shield up to tank is junk. If he opens up space, close it down as mid-distance is death. If you’re under him, his biggest attack passes over your head and you can hit him three or four times, his grab also fails. Strafe left not right on his horizontal breath attack.
By Anonymous
Bad Hitboxes/Camera Dragon Kalameet
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By Jarka
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How the fudge do you avoid his frelling grab attack ??
By Anonymous
Rolled through his fire breaths and 0 damage.

This guy is just ds1 darkeatermidir
By Anonymous
How dare you compare Midir to Kalameet you *$£%?@! idiot
By Anonymous
Yea Midir is just a kalameet knockoff
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