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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

tihs game is e ***** becuse i loosee evrityme i play it
obligatory git gud scrub
jk xdd
How do you level
Rest at the bonfire and you'll have the option to lvl up.
Only after finishing the tutorial,
I can't kill him (just started the game) what should I do?
I did that too, just keep trying, eventually you'll be able to kill him. Try parrying if you have the shield equipped, the tab key on pc.
easiest way to beat pervis (my nickname for him) is to draw him down to where the fire keeper is and then make him fall, try whacking him a bunch a times, or kick him, doesn't matter as long as you can get him over the edge
Running like hell to the next area and coming back when your more powerful works as well.
I legitimately thought this was going to be something that would help out new players like me. But then I realized that Dark Souls.
git gud
git gud
the community has agreed that the master key is by far the most versatile and useful gift you can take at the start of the game since it can cut most of the bell story line to mere minutes, although you can also purchase the key from a merchant but this will require many souls that could be used otherwise, look at the page for gifts and you will see that everyone agrees that you should chose this unless playing as a their in which case its between twin humanities and tiny being ring, although the ring isn't as handy later on
Pretty much just getting into the game and I want to say thank you for this page. My TV doesn't let me read hardly anything that's written (such as descriptions of weapons, characters, what the icons mean, etc.) Also, the character guide has helped me figure out what character I should start out with. Thank you so much for all this information!
What's the easiest way through blighttown?
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I'd say the easiest way would be through the depths, after killing the Gaping Dragon. Pretty easy fight, a ton of humanity farming, and souls. Gets you ready in a pinch to face the poisonous monstrosities you'll have to face in BT.
easiest way would be, entering blighttown via firelink shrine. Just enter it the way you would actually use to trarvel back to firelink. Enter through the valleys of drakes (Masterkey is needed) going down the elavator at firelink and then after reaching New Londo hold yourself right and go up the broken tower. After reaching the valey of drakes, go across the woden bridge and then keep going forward. Then you will just have to go down and do the bossfight.
What's the best build optimization?