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I get that we kind of get to explore the surrounding area of the main cathedral building in DS3 with the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, but it's pretty different. Would've been nice to at least explore some streets since there is not much beyond the cathedral and the church buildings.
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There is something wrong with article...
"Talking to Frampt makes it impossible to find Darkstalker Kaathe later in the game, and hence will not allow you to join the Darkwraiths during this playthrough or be able to get the alternate ending."

spoiler alert
You can still get the alternate ending even if you never talk to kaathe tho?
All you need to do is just walk out at end, whether you talked to kaathe or not does not matter

correct me if im wrong tho

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The second gargoyle, the one near the rotary switch after the scaffolding. You can run down the stairs before turning the switch and it'll aggro but won't come off the ledge to fight you so you can easily take it out with lightning spears or whatever ranged attack suits you
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eye candy
By Anonymous
Ds3 players mad that this place is actually difficult lol. BUt Ds3 HaS bEsT bOssEs!!
By Anonymous
HOW did I get through the archers first try????
By Anonymous
same lol!
By Anonymous
I poison arrow the one on the right ledge. Proc the poison and wait. Run up the roof hang a quick right ignore the knight on the other roof and youre home free. It does take a little adjusting to get the rhythm of missing his arrows while firing yours.
By Anonymous
Been through this area at least 5 times hoping that I would enjoy it more on subsequent playthroughs, but my god is it so boring and frustrating to get inside Anor Londo. Once you're inside, 1v1ing silverknights gets pretty stale.
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Big booba
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