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By Anonymous
I cannot read any of that black text
By Anonymous
Click and drag your mouse over it to read it.
By Anonymous
I can't read the black text on my iPad. Even if I highlight the text, the font color remains dark and unreadable. I wish I could just tap the screen to reveal the spoiler like you can at GameFAQs. Tapping the spoiler tags at Reddit sends me to an 'error/page cannot be found' screen. I have to click back and the spoiler is revealed.

Other than that, I'm really enjoying the step-by-step guide.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
In section: Crossroads - What to do with the Lordvessel?
Corrected spelling for Blacksmith Andre (was Andrei), and links were pointing to non-existent "Blacksmith Andrei" page.
By Anonymous
The archers DO NOT auto fall off from walking up them with a shield and blocking. Thanks for wasting my time.
By Anonymous
You gotta hit them with a greatshield
By Anonymous
You have to get them to pull there sword out before you start blocking. Rotate your back to the wall while blocking and they will fall.
By Anonymous
The left one does, not the right one...
By Anonymous
Your a waist of time. Don't complain about free resources.
By Anonymous
poison arrows are the best way to deal with the archers, thanks for the help
By Anonymous
WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No where here does it say that when you walk into Gwen... whoever's room, it will cause the chick at the bonfire to attack...FOREVER!!! Now I have to kill her and this bonfire is useless for the rest of this run. I didn't even hit her once( she destroyed me before I could get to her) and the covenant I just joined is ruined. Thank you, now I have to find a different site that has more accurate info.
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By Fexelea
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It says it quite clearly on her page ... +Knightess

If you read on how to enter the blade of the dark moon covenant, you should also have seen that trespassing the fog made it hostile - as the page tells you that going into the fog triggers a boss fight with its leader.
By Anonymous
Obviously bait
By Anonymous
Git Gud
By Anonymous
the Dumb Silver Snipers! this is NO help
By Anonymous
All you have to do is sprint all the way up the ramp and round the corner to the right. Neither of them will be able to hit you until you're at the top, then just roll under his shot and smack him
By Anonymous
By the way the back text says weapons
By Anonymous
Anal Rodeo
By Anonymous
sh*tty anagram
By Anonymous
►►►Pro tip for archer silver knights: buy the reinforced club from the undead merchant in the beginning of the game. If you two-hand it (only need 8 str) each hit will stun and interrupt their attacks, making it super easy to stunlock them. Each hit also pushes them backwards >:D
By Anonymous
and morning star might work just as well if you dont have the club, it has slightly less damage, but i think the poise damage is much the same :]
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