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By Anonymous
For those confused on how to get past silver knight archers it's actually really simple. NEVER block the arrows, this will only knock you off or get an arrow in the back, but DO carry a shield. You don't have to wear light equipement, but never wear heavy equipment, like stone armor (arrows do the same regardless, plus you'll be too slow.) Medium or light works.

Run up the first flying buttress after spear demons, then wait for them to de-agro. Run up the second buttress, and go right till you make the silver knight use his sword. The other silver knight cannot shoot you from here, just don't back up too much.

Now you have two options, depending on preference. You can either block for a while up in his face till he falls off the ledge, or parry him until he dies (about 2-3 parry's). Fighting normally will only risk you falling off. Medium shields would work best.

Hope that helps some newbs out, i've been doing this method since my very first characters, and that was like 4 years ago. Good luck.
By Anonymous
Also to make it more clear the silver knight on the left can't shoot you once you reach the tower-like structure where the right-side silver knight is. He can shoot you just a little bit before that, where the path is straight, that's what I mean by don't back up too much, cause you'll get an arrow in the back. Sorry if this sounds confusing.
By Anonymous
At the start of the article, I would reword where you say "flying buttress that you can walk on". Flying buttress to me implies the thing is moving around between where you need to go and where you are. It took me a long time to figure out what the hell you're talking about
The buttress isn't flying at all. It just so happens to connect between the chapel you're supposed to enter and the balcony where you are at the time

At the very least, highlight the "flying buttress" in a picture
By Anonymous
flying buttress is just what the architectural structure is called
By Anonymous
How do you confuse flying buttress with elevator? The buttress isn't flying at all. lol
By Anonymous
Comfy weenie silver knight archer solution:
Get close enough for the boi to take out his sword
Immediately run away down the buttress
Silver knight chases you, falling right off the ledge because he is a doofus that doesn't look where he's running :^)
By DemonsSoulsMaster
I panicked and ran down the buttress and he fell off by accident my first playthrough. I had died at least 3-4 times already so I was elated
By Anonymous
If I invade a hosts world and they make it past the knights on the ledge and are blocked from proceeding further by a fog wall because of me I just bow from the ledge above and warp out because they've already been through enough haha. But... if the sons of biches throws poop at me it 's out of the frying pan and into the fire because two well placed chaos fireballs coats the whole platform in lava and they then know what it's like to be inside a microwaved hot pocket. Hehehe
By Anonymous
There not blocked from entering the fog wall they’re unable to light the bonfire which is a pretty **** decision by FS which was changed in later games
By Anonymous
The easiest way I've found to get past the silver knights on the narrow ledge is this:
1. Good shield (I used the Balder shield)
2. Stone Armor set (free chest item in Darkroot just past Alvina)
3. Pyromancy Flame +10
4. Great Combustion
5. Fog Ring (optional)

Just sprint past all the enemies, heal if needed at the tower half way up to the knights and equip the armor and have pyromancy ready. Run up to the knight on the right and roll whenever he fires an arrow because blocking will most likely push you off. Once you get to the corner the arrows shouldn't be able to hit you and the knight will switch to sword mode. Block attacks and wait for an opening and use great combustion twice and he's toast. Roll past second knights arrows and once your close enough he'll switch to sword and after two more Great Combustions he's cooked as well and you can claim the souls.

This works reliably but there is always random elements that can still get you, this is Dark Souls after all lol.
By Anonymous
Don't appreciate this guide saying the Sentinels don't attack unless provoked. By "provoked", you mean simply being near them... you should have probably also added after mentioning the nearby chest that you shouldn't go for it unless you want to get attacked. And now I'm all the way back at the blacksmith bonfire...
By Anonymous
And then my 40k+ souls dropped were right at the chest, which meant I got to "provoke" the Sentinels again to get them, which of course ended up in another free trip back to the blacksmith bonfire.
By Anonymous
You should have set bonfire at Sen's Fortress by now.
By Anonymous
I think I figured something out that’s not mentioned on any wiki. If you kill gwyndolin and then turn Anor Londo dark you can be invaded there with both bosses gone BUT if you turn Anor Londo dark before killing gwyndolin and then proceed to defeat him you can no longer be invaded in the area even though it’s dark. So in summary: kill gwyndolin before turning Anor Londo dark if you still want to be invaded there OR turn Anor Londo dark then kill gwyndolin if you don’t want to be invaded there. Any confirmation or knowledge of this from others would be appreciated.
By Anonymous
I really wish we could enter Anor Londo by a huge elevator behind the sealed wall after the Iron Golem. The demons that bring us there are hostile enemies up there so it bothers me knowing that we reach the place by being carried by creatures that hate us. Sure, the entrance was sealed because of the undead outbreak but no army of hollows would get past the golem anyway that’s his purpose, to block the gateway. I think the in game way of reaching Anor Londo is lame
By Anonymous
bro its free taxi so enjoy :__)
By Anonymous
Anor londo belongs to the lords!
By Anonymous
Never should have come here
By Anonymous
Attention invaders. If you’re bored of invading in the castle grounds you can head out to the balcony that you first came in from and invading there targets the outside zone without actually heading all the way out yourself, for a bit of variety.
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