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By Seele80
If unique pieces aren't apart of a set then why is the elite cleric armor there?
By Anonymous
The elite cleric set is unique because it is not obtainable in game without modding your game. it was an armor set cut from the final release.
By Anonymous
I guess there's only one set
By Anonymous
The elite cleric set is cut
By Anonymous
Thanks for pointing that out
By Anonymous
Where's it at?
By Anonymous
You buy it from patches
By Anonymous
i want this armor, someone has it?
By Anonymous
pretty sure you can find it in the tomb of giants.
By Anonymous
You buy it from Patches when he appears in Firelink after you kill Nito.
By Anonymous
Holy Set...
At first I read Holy s*it
By Anonymous
This page should be updated. In the Remastered most sets are no longer this shiny.
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By Nyvzzz
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crystal set is godly with dual zweihander build
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
dual zweihander... wtf?
By Damnation87
Just a heads up; At +5 Black Iron Set has the 2nd highest Physical resist and 1st highest Fire resist. Giants Set +5 has the highest Physical resist in game but offers no Curse protection unlike Black Iron Set. Hope this helps people searching for good Heavy options.
By Anonymous
sadly I sold my Black Iron Leggings to Frampt by accident
By Anonymous
Is there a set/armor which increases Pyro-Damage in any way? (despite Dusk Crown)?
By Anonymous
Crown of the Dark Sun. Also, you used the word despite incorrectly.
By Anonymous
Safe to assume pyromancer's set does
By Anonymous
The pyromancer set does not make pyro do more damage. Only the Crown of Dusk, Crown of the Dark Sun and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (or Ring of the Sun's FIrstborn for miracles) increase spell damage.