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By Anonymous
They are weak to fire, I did some tests for it and they are.
By Anonymous
This weapon is extremely rare to get, it is only 1% to get. I was farming for weeks and I didn't get a thing. The only way I got one was by trading with a fellow Dark Souls player.
By Anonymous
7000 HP for the one in undead parish? seems a little too high lol
By Anonymous
They have a swipe attack that is unlisted here, it seems to be quite rare, as I've almost never experienced it, but it definitely seems to do quite a bit of damage, it managed to 1-shot a character that could survive the thrust
By Anonymous
Iron Pineapple
By Anonymous
***** these things
By Anonymous
Can confirm Hidden Body affects the Channelers, Ring of Fog has been inconsistent sometimes they notice me as if I don't have it on sometimes they don't notice me until I get close enough like Hidden Body.
By Anonymous
When I fought against the first one to encounter in that cathedral it never teleported somehow.
By Anonymous
If you use the magical wand called 'zweihandr', they never will
By Anonymous
How do you kill the one prior to fighting the gaping dragon?
By gunsogiroro
The maze section with small pits comes to a white wall. Just explore that area. There are no pits that need jumped ever. He will buff 3 large rats which he buff and can kill in 1-3 hits.