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By Anonymous
Ok, now how do I become a boss in game?
By Anonymous
Don't light the bonfire after Gwyn the Lord of Cinder, then play Dark Souls 3 until the last boss...maybe that's you!!
By Anonymous
suck my phantasm
By Anonymous
Full havels+ fast rolling+ black knight halberd
By Anonymous
Max out vitality, endurance and wear Havel set + black knight halberd
By Anonymous
DS1 definitely has the best map of the series so far, love exploring the world, but going back, I find the bosses to be a lot less fun. They really improved their boss design in the later games.
By Anonymous
only in DS3
By Anonymous
stupid bosses all exsept qulaag because the chest right it is the best thing in life and the game
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
How dare you, the bosses try their hardest and you DARE insult them? They give their LIVES for this cause and you would say something so HEINOUS? you disgust me sir. You are the reason for sadness and hatred you cultivate them and harness them, your views and opinions on this subject are horrendous and less than acceptable. Please apologize in written form and mail an individual heartfelt talk about what you have said and done to these beings.
By Anonymous
Ong what bro said
By Anonymous
would you rather he said ****
By Anonymous
Might have
By Anonymous
Red drake
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By Conde_Nado
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why more bosses with demon in name than demon souls kkk
By Anonymous
because in dark souls lore, demons are a more specific type of creature that are linked to the chaos flame. in demon’s souls lore (from what I understand I haven’t played too much of it) “demon” is a more general term that refers to beings tied to Yhe Old One.
By Anonymous
*The Old One lmao
By Anonymous
tbh ye' ol' one sounds good bro
By Anonymous
Only Crossbreed Priscilla will be spared >:)
By Anonymous
land aint peaceful ima kill her
By Anonymous
No mercy for the meager
By Anonymous
Ornstein & Smough theme on church organ is so cool!
By Anonymous
Ceaseless Discharge is optional
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
you could skip it but you need alot of health and roll glitch
By Anonymous
You are wrong
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
No, he's not wrong
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