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By Anonymous
Where’s kalameet?
By Anonymous
Check the expansion bosses tab
By Anonymous
In our hearts
By Anonymous
Sucks that theres no achievments in Dark Souls remastered for dlc bosses? Awesome game though, didnt expect it to be sad. :´(
By Anonymous
its the same with ds3 dlc

bloodborne is the only one as far as i can remember that does this
By Anonymous
Lmao, The Elden Ring fanbois trying to calm themselves by calling DS1 & DS2 bosses trash after seeing how most players didn't like ER bosses. Like why do you think this genre is called Souls-like, not Elden-like, or something else? it is only thanks to the success of the first 2 games that even ER exists.
By Anonymous
Elden ring fanboys? Come on. We're soulslike fans. We're on the same side. All fromsoft games are masterpieces. Personally, i like the bosses from all three games.
By Anonymous
Wait some years Elden-Like term will pop up O gurentee
By Anonymous
dark souls 1 > elden ring > dark souls 3 > all
By Anonymous
It's called souls like because dark souls came out first *
By Anonymous
The sound your weapon makes when you attack a boss makes me coom
By Anonymous
the sound you make when you get hit makes me coom
By Anonymous
you make me coom
By Anonymous
your mom makes me coom
By Anonymous
Or the other dlc bosses for that matter
By Anonymous
You uh...see the little tab that says expansion bosses yeah? Click it.
By Anonymous
Wheres manus?
By Bunnymancer
Under the expansion bosses tab.

All tabs are separate pages with separate content sections for whatever reason
By Anonymous
I just skipped the taurus demon.
Go kill havel and unlock door with master key,go forward until a way up and a way down,go for the down kill black knight and take shield on corpse and go upward to darkroot garden and go to andre
But I don't recommed it because it's more difficult than fighting him
By Anonymous
Not necessary. Go to New londo ruins, master key to valley of drakes, run to darkroot basin, andre, gargoyles.
By Anonymous
alternatively, you can jump from the stairs in the first area just after climbing out from the tunnel that connects firelink with the unalive burg to land on the wooden railing below, then walk off it to land in the second assassin ambush in lower notdead burg. a quick quit-out will reset enemy placement and give you time to strategically run away and heal.
By Anonymous
Four Kings, Seath, Nito and Bed of chaos are optional If you do a certain skip to the kiln of the first flame
By Anonymous
Sif and Pinwheel as well
By Anonymous
how ????
By Anonymous
dlc anon 2, dlc
By Anonymous
While that may be true, bosses aren't marked as optional if they're skipped through non-intended means (glitches/exploits)
By Anonymous
All bosses are optional if you don't even play the game.
By Anonymous
How is Capra Demon optional boss???
By Anonymous
master key
By Anonymous
If you have the master key, you can in theory head down to New Londo beneath Firelink, then take the elevator up to Valley of the Drakes, and open the gate that normally would be locked. If you head straight across the bridge and continue straight (instead of turning left where all the wyverns are), you will continue into Blight Town which eventually leads to the wooden plank elevator to go down to the bonfire / Quelaag.
By Anonymous
you dont even need the master key, just go from darkroot basin to valley of drakes, and into blighttown
By Anonymous
By picking master key as your starting gift, or by going through darkroot forest using the crest of artorias you get from andre, there are a couple ways into Blighttown that don't require going through the depths if you look around enough.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Pinwheel is the best boss
By Anonymous
no he is the easiest boss
By Anonymous
silly anon, best doesn't always mean hard
By Anonymous
Pinwheel actually shreds in the double trouble mod
By Anonymous
pinwheel hardest booss
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