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I can confirm from some tests that the channeler does have a weakness to fire.
Lol dude just lets u smack him around anyway why does his weakness even matter
whats the point tho? his attacks are extremely telegraphed and hes not even a boss (not to mention the fact that he barely has any health and will die in 3 attacks early on and 1 in late game)
the Big Pilgrim Key is acquired in the first encounter and the Demon's Great Hammer is acquired in the second encounter
You can use the Demon's Great Hammer one-handed starting at level 35 as a Pyromancer. (It's 46 str to wield right?)
You are partially right: if you kill the demon when you initally encounter it, you will recieve the hammer; though you won't be able to use it properly for around forty levels.
blees laek
they completely forgot about the mini boss Pinwheel in the catacombs underneath fire link shrine
He is a canon boss required to be fought. He cannot be missed nor skipped. Hence why he is not here.
I can't see the DLC's bosses
check the dlc bosses page
No they don't forget pinwheel
isint gwyn the last boss
he is, yes
yes he isint
It's alphabetical
Damn I need to get to ornstein and smough