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This was...surprisingly easier than I thought. +5 Divine Zweihänder, Magic Grass Crest Shield, Ring of FaP, with Golem Armor & the Gargoyle Helm for style points. Just gotta rush in and keep swingin and swingin
By Anonymous
Four Kings? I only got three?
By Anonymous
Haha giants halberd go brrrrrrrr
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Chaos Sword 2 handed + green blossom + overloaded with havels helm and chest, crimson leggings + with 10 humanity to increase the attack of the chaos sword I killed them first attempt with my mage. 21 vigor, 14 end, 17 str, 14 dex and 36 int with very little trouble. I used the crest shield when needed with its 80 mag defense it was helpful. I thought my heart was going to explode but it’s very doable for a caster type. I ended up here only because Seath kept stomping me with ease so I was worried they would too.
By Anonymous
The only 5th King is the one below the boss arena that has the healthbar.
If you kill a King, they will eventually respawn, meaning you can only fight four of them at once. Meaning that there are, in fact FOUR Kings.
By Anonymous
This was a pretty hard 2nd boss to kill.
I mean, after getting teleported to the top of the Asylum after plunging my mace through that fakeout boss, you fight a fairly easy giant dog as your first boss, then suddenly you need to kill 4 bosses faster than they can spawn? No wonder that people call this game ultrahardcore. I basically had to max out my levels and run through Blighttown and the giant tree to find a good enough weapon just to get enough damage.
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Oh you weren’t supposed to beat these guys yet lmao. They’re one of the last bosses in the main game
By Anonymous
Hey ummm does the four kings have names
By Anonymous
None have been confirmed, but there’s a scrapped enemy called ‘Undead King Jar-eel’ which was likely meant to be the boss of New Londo, or give you the key to the seal. He happens to wear a non-corrupted version of the armour of the Four Kings. So maybe (keyword: MAYBE) one of them is called Jar-eel.
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i went in with heavy armor, i was 47/102, medium rolling. 5 seconds into the fight, i noticed that i'm fat rolling instead and can't escape the reach of their attacks. 3 minutes of terror as i keep rushing away from them to heal. i "know" i killed 3 of them and then i turn around and see 2 more.

very clever to call them the "four" kings, when there were five of them. just another misdirection "gotcha" in the line of "gotchas".

like making you equip a special ring to fight them, don't even think about switching rings when the battle starts. . they insure that you have to go in with "one less ring effect" , since the abyss ring basically does nothing except protect you from being instakilled by the darkness.

i guess there's not "five" of them, someone below says they infinite respawn until you deplete the "boss health" bar and it's possible to deplete it after only 3 kills if you do enough damage(?)
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By Anonymous
Literal BS RNG dependent never win or free win
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