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Havel, that's all, thanks for the guy who tipped.
By Anonymous
Unfun boss. Killed him second try with full Havel, Power Within, and BK Greataxe +2. Just smack them and hope they die before you.
By Anonymous
im lvl 131 and can't kill them can I have some pointers?
By Anonymous
Equip Havel set. Tank the melee hits and just attack them. Avoid magic attacks. Shouldn't be a problem if you have a decent weapon.
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By Anonymous
You can make it One King or Seven Kings
By Anonymous
F*** this f***ing s***ty-a** f***ing fight to f***ing death!!! 5 f***ing Kings f***ing spawned!!! F*** that bulls***!!!
By Anonymous
As a sorcerer: equip a high resist magic shield for the magic attacks. For spells, Use homing soulmass (If you have 2 equip both!) This spell is amazing for this fight, they are homing and hit most of the time and deal a lot of damage! And use all of your Soul Spear spells. Another thing that really helped me was stay really close to the boss: in melee range. This will feel unatural for us sorcerers but made the fight really easy for me. Dodge his melee attacks (they are pretty slow) and use a shield for his magic attacks. After he does a physical attack, use 1 spell. Then get ready to dodge again. Rinse and repeat. If you have high INT ( I had 40) You can kill them before a new king respawns. I did have the crown of dusk on and the bellowing dragoncrest ring for max damage.
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By Anonymous
Just do yourself a favor and run some poise. On NG+ wit hbasically zero trouble on anything they roughed me up pretty bad for no other reason than that. Just cakewalked it with Havel Set cuz I'm just here for knight's honour got nothing to prove on them.
By Anonymous
Four Kings?? In this economy??
By Anonymous
The first 42 seconds of their theme, had no reason to go that hard
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