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so um, havels armor, black iron shield and havels weapon (the tooth or whatever its called) along with havel ring work wonders, no magic required either, you just approach the first king and hit him until he dies rinse and repeat, works on NG and NG+

just posting it in case someone has trouble
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Originally there were 5 kings
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By LordKaerthon
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Interesting. When i killed third, 2 were still on the screen.
By Anonymous
From what I saw in my fight, there can be up to four active at any time. They keep spawning until that, regardless of how many you've defeated.
By Anonymous
use a transient curse before the fight!!! It helps a lot!
By Anonymous
It doesn’t help. I thought it did at first but really the problem was that I wasn’t as close as I thought to the boss. Really gotta nuzzle up and get those testicles slapping your face. No curse needed.
By Anonymous
Send help..
By Anonymous
It's worth noting that if you use a transient curse to deal with the ghost that haunts Beatrice, you won't be able to cast power within until the curse wears off.
By Anonymous
join the DarkWraiths they said see the world riight still love theses guys
By Anonymous
lords of the wraiths a dark souls movie story
By Anonymous
Anyone know each of the kings names
By Anonymous
Yes they are called 1,2,3,4
By Anonymous
What about 5? Don't leave my man out
By Anonymous
Hayden, Brayden, Jayden, and Kayden
By Anonymous
Ricardo milos,johnny sins,doctor stop,shrek
By Anonymous
Fred Karl John and Todd
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