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Melee strategy(no shield) first sentence, equip a shield. Is this for real or a joke ?



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Someone messed with the page. I'll fix the heading :)
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Setup: light armour, black knight shield, fire reduction ring, chloranthy. Weapons strong bow and spells (best you got). As soon as you enter take left, keep shield up, go as close to the wall as possible (wall will be on the left side). Keep shield up and keep running front being as close to the wall as possible. In this process, there is huge chance of him hitting you, if you keep shield up, you will absorb jumping smash but may get hit by AOE after it. No matter what, keep moving forward (if you get chance can top up hp, though I wont recommend it). Target is to reach the wall side (left from the entrance) where one branch of tree is hanging vertical (should be the last branch on the left side). Now once you cross the branch beneath it and if firesage follows you properly, he will get stuck in that branch and cant move. Now he is free to kill, use any method you like (ranged is best). Sometimes he may not follow you exactly along the wall, so you have to circle the room once and do the same. With a little luck, he will get stuck 100%. I have killed him so many times in same tactics so it is guaranteed. Just have to overcome the initial barrage of attacks as soon you enter the room, then its piece of BIG CAKE....Happy Hunting. Comment if any doubt or let me know if it helps.
His waves deal magic damage, not fire. So forget fire defense, equip Havel's shield (if u can), not the black knight's one.
I can confirm that this tactic works. Be careful though that the demon is close enough to the wall when it is close to the branch, I had to wait a moment after I passed the branch, but before I was out of reach of the stuck demon.
Furthermore I can only confirm this works for ranged attacks. As soon as I got closer he started his normal melee attack (and did not keep running).
It's disappointing that this "tactic" wasn't fixed in the remastered, makes the boss a joke
Easy melee strategy, assuming you have a black knight weapon:

Get up close, shield up. He generally spams three attacks: butt slam, over head strike, and swipe. The butt slam is easy to dodge even for slow characters, just back up. The overhead strike misses you, assuming you are snug up against his stomach. So does the second swipe. After the butt slam, strike. *During* the overhead slam, and the second swipe (from your right), strike. No damage, easy kill.



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Its another Asylum Demon with some fire magic...where is your problem with that boss. Especially since you probably have one or two black knight eapeons to kick his butt...
9 salty idiots need to git gud
Haha that moment when you forget black knight weapons are rare drops
it's disliked because it's boring and uninspired
Annoying inconsistent enemy weapon range...
OKAY! I got it alright?!?!

Stick to it's rear, but not to close.
Isn't it supposed to be the first chaos demon or something?
No. The first chaos demon is Ceaseless Discharge.
The first demon wasn't Ceaseless Discharge. It explicitly states on the description for the demon catalyst that Demon Firesage was the first demon.
My brother died just as he killed this thing, and he didn't receive any of the drops. When he went back to the room, nothing was laying about, just his souls. Seems like a major oversight on the developers' part.
Same thing happened to me with pinwheel. I got one shot by his fireball right as leeroy killed him. I think it has to do with dropped items despawning when you die. ( Ex. If you killed a hollow warrior and it had an item but you died before you could pick it up). Boss items should be auto sent to your inventory instead of dropped onto the ground
This is quite possibly the most obnoxious boss I've seen in the entire series. Is the fire explosion actually undodgeable if you're not in the back ~200 degree sector behind him when he charges it up?
I’ve actually had a lot of success avoiding it if you run to his left / your right as he’s charging it, that’s easier done without lock-on. Strangely, this enemy is easier to dodge by getting closer to him and filling forward, rather than sideways or backward
boss gave me a fair amount of trouble if i'm honest, which seemed odd because i managed to kill stray demon on my first attempt. the biggest problem is the start of the fight; he can either do the side swipe, which is followed by an explosion that tracks where you are and is damn near impossible to avoid, or he can do the ground slam which is pretty difficult to iframe through. once you get close to him he's fine, but the first few seconds can be rage inducing.