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By Anonymous
Despite looking like a vagina, and the large bulges towards the stomach section, the Gaping Dragon is a male. Hawkshaw goes into more detail on this in his video about the Plot Against the Gods.
By Anonymous
This is honestly a bit of a relief after Capra.and his bork bois. And walls. And ****ing bush.
By Anonymous
That Bush is the true dark souls, poise of legend
By Anonymous
Easy boss with the engorge / dash strategy. Don't know how helpful Solaire is, though. Maybe it was bad luck but he just got beaten down by the dragon for me immediately.
By Anonymous
Both solaire and lautrec are useless here. Solo is pretty easy tho. Even on ng+.
By Anonymous
been happily farming this fella for a while now (12.5k souls a defeat stacks up nicely), so i'll give my two cents. i'm using a melee build.

first job is to cut the tail. not just for the weapon- in virtually negating an otherwise relatively strong and annoying attack with a great range, you open up his backside as a huge weak spot. ignore what it says about
only striking above the ring- you can actually go some ways below it.

second, stay at his back. stab at his back. sprint to his back if he tries to stop you smacking your metal stick into his tail stump. if he shakes it, roll back to dodge, run in again. repeat until dead. it's that simple.

he tends to jump a lot, and doesn't move often when doing so. for that reason and for ease of butt-smacking, try not to get him stuck in a corner. makes things a lot more difficult. that means watch out for the charge he often starts with.

'what about the head?' you ask. yes, it's his weak point, but he shows it little, moves it up again quickly, and you've no time to reach it if you're at the butt when he unfolds himself. also, he could immediately swipe at or charge you point blank. unless you're already pretty close to it, don't risk it. stick to the butt.

and for everyone who's inevitably gonna comment 'why are you saying this he's easy, if someone can't beat him they just need to git gud', then to hell with you. helping people isn't a crime, so crawl back to your little hole of self-entitled idiocity.
By Anonymous
Summon signs are not appearing for me at all. Both Lautrec and Solaire's are missing. I am human, I have talked to both of them, this is NG+, I am level 141. I do not have a summon sign down elsewhere, I am not being invaded, AND I have restarted my game, as well as died and come back to check.

Still nothing. Any ideas?
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By kroger
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Dunno about solaire, but have you killed Lautrec? I often kill him and then forget. Maybe you're being gravelorded?
By Anonymous
You are in human form right? You can only summon other NPCs/players while you are in human form.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Is my game bugged out or does his grab attack literally have no startup? Because he’ll be lying flat on the ground from that slam attack and then just out of nowhere snap back upright instantaneously and then grab me before i have time to roll. Is it normally like this or is my game just jank af
By Anonymous
I think it’s just a big, his grab attack Has a pretty obvious startup for me.
By Anonymous
It's a bug, I had it happen to me before
By Anonymous
I don't know if it was the RNG or the AI bugged out in my playthrough but this fight was easy because the entire time, the dragon acted like a dumbass, walking into some edge of the arena and letting me get some easy hits in before flying off for a dive attack, which wasn't particularly hard to avoid by rolling, with the right Endurance stat/Armor combo.
By Anonymous
My friend played Dark Souls Remastered, and he literally did nothing because he had the 2 phantoms + an online player who thought the dragon, lol.
By Anonymous
only noobs need phantoms
By Anonymous
Maybe you shouldn't criticize others for taking advantage of a feature that was intended to be used. Them summoning phantoms doesn't make them any less skilled than you.
By Anonymous
I see someone is allergic to jolly co-operation.
By Anonymous
Imagine insulting people for playing the game
By Anonymous
They hated him because he told them the truth.
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