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By Anonymous
That was...really easy. And I say that as an absolute sh1tter. Literally just keep sprinting around his right side (ie your left facing him) until he attacks and then attack his tail. Move back a little when he jumps up in the air to reposition. Repeat.
By Anonymous
Cut his tail even if you don't want the weapon, it makes his tail whip attack that everyone complains about useless and hes too dumb to realize that his tail is gone. After that just wait for him to do that slam attack and then bonk him on the head a couple times, ez win.
By Anonymous
Tbh I was expecting to be hard but using the two phantoms as canon fodder and just circle strafing until he rushes into a wall and stops for a bit and hitting him made the boss easy
By Anonymous
Of course it was easy. Any boss fight is easy using two summons
By Anonymous
You don't even need the summons for this fight. The move set is even more readable than the asylum demon
By Anonymous
Can you stop pushing me around and ruin my camera angle...

By Anonymous
stick to his back leg and tail, only cut those part
By Anonymous
im cursed with half health and won him with only using the drake sword and myself lol
By Anonymous
Nahhh the hitboxes and aoe on this guy are very questionable…
By Anonymous
i thought i had the boss all figured out until i fell off the arena... watchout for the abrupt drop opposite the entrance at the end of the arena.
By Anonymous
This guy wasn't that hard
By Anonymous
F*** this boss!!! Such bulls*** hitboxes!!! F***ing va***a-looking-a** f***!!!
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