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nothing about his malformation? If the swamp poison is the reason for this mutation of the once peacefull dragon (head is tiny and seems to lack even teeth ) before his ripcage bursted open? Was he to close to the Chaosflame maybe and his body is now host to a demon like Queelag? Or how the dragon resembles a gigantic vagina (to be exactly a vulva)? No statement about that "designchoice" from the developer?
By Anonymous
If you try hard enough you can see a pinkfloyd looking flower vag doe
By Anonymous
You guys are watching too much weird *****
By Anonymous
The Gaping Dragon is a distant descendant of the Everlasting Dragons, but its blind hunger somehow turned it into an abomination. *Dragon King Greataxe description*
By Anonymous
Its a vagina dragon
By Anonymous
The vag drag
By Anonymous
Maybe don't stick your **** in this one
By Anonymous
Anyone else get a distinct Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets vibe from this fight? The lighting, the setting, the way it slithers out into the arena. Plus you have Tom Riddle the channeler in the background.
By Anonymous
I didn't get that vibe, but Miyazaki did state that Harry Potter is one of his biggest creative influences. (The Duke's Archives is an obvious reference, and Sieglinde is modeled after Emma Watson.)
By Anonymous
Read another book
By Anonymous
no u.
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By SlimeC0RE
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My favorite looking boss, I just love those teeth everywhere, like an open ribcage, and these hand-like talons.
By Anonymous
It IS an open ribcage. Sorry to reply after a year, I only just got DSIR for Switch
By Anonymous
It's on Switch? Damn, this series gets around.
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