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I have a weird question: if the last bonfire you rested at is one that has lost its fire keeper, thus extinguishing it, what does the game do when you die? Do you get sent to that bonfire without replenishing estus?
By Anonymous
In remastered there is a bonfire in catacombs next to vamos(really helps because it is a difficult area and far from bonfires)
Me who is playing prepare to die edition....
By Anonymous
Quick question if you rest at a bonfire does the items that an enemy drops despawn?
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By Anonymous
Hi here. Is there any option to use the firekeeper's souls at the bonfire? I remember I saw one and used the soul, but the estus flask is not enhanced.
By Anonymous
Talk to the firekeeper
By Anonymous
Who created the bonfires?
By Anonymous
A guy with too many corkscrew swords
By Anonymous
t'was I, Mandrick the tiddy smithy
By Anonymous
Truly the hottest leveling NPC
By Anonymous
I just found out that there are different sitting animations for bonfires depending on how far away you sit. Idkif that's just at the ancient dragon bf but I'm too lazy to test all of them
By Anonymous
What would happen if you got the Lordvessel without ever resting at any warpable bonfires? Would you be able to warp to Firelink by default?
By Anonymous
Attention, wearing the Symbol Of Avarice while resting at a bonfire makes you still loosing HP. Took a dump and came back to a surprise
By Anonymous
Huh, kinda weird question.
What in-game sword looks the closest to the bonfire sword?
By Anonymous
flamberge maybe
By Anonymous
Have u played DS3?
By Sakerift
There is no direct parallel in design to the Bonfire Sword until the third game as I recall.