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oh *****s
How can you rekindle this bonfire?
best way to go about lautrec in the next run, save him from his prison cell and then after getting your reward CAREFULLY kick him over the edge, practice kicking the air a few times so you don't accidentally hit him, another tip is sheath your weapon since one tiny punch won't immediately aggro him so long as its under 40
You have to kill Lautrec by using the Black Eye Orb to invade him in the area in Anor Londo near the Ornstein & Smough fog gate, then bring the firekeeper soul he drops to the dead firekeeper under Firelink
you can skip the capra demon and gaping dragon by using the master key to unlock the door to valley of drakes from new londo ruins and then simply walk across the bridge into blight down, walk down and be very careful of the toxic blow darters, run over to the far side of the swamp and then go into quelaggs domain, you can do this before or after ringing the first bell, just be careful of being too underleveled, this is probably the easiest and fastest way to unlock frampt so you can split titanite and sell items
I accidently did this on my first playthrough and was quelaag was way too difficult and i died a lot
After dying and respawning at the bonfire, I had a really weird explosion effect when I stood up. Does anyone know what that means???
Can you light a bonfire and without sitting at it homeward bound to the last bonfire I want to know if I can light vamos bonfire without sitting at it and getting stuck.
Yeah you can light it but not rest at it to warp the last "rested at" one
If you don't rest at that bonfire you will not be able to warp to it later and you can work your way back up to Firelink Shrine without warping or using a homeward bone
Going to the Abyss before the Darkroot does not make sense.
This is gonna sound stupid, but... you can't just sprint straight to Four Kings from Firelink?
I think u can :D
Well, no, you absolutely CAN get to the Four Kings and the Abyss before going to Darkroot, but without the ring, you'll die immediately upon enetering the abyss, and since it doesn't carry over to NG+, it's just not possible to fight the 4 kings without fighting sif.
So I found that if I am near a bonfire long enough, the bonfire makes a kindling noise, and then I get +1 estus flask. I left my game on for about an hour and came back to find I have +6. So I guess it's +1 every 10 minutes? I'll check to see if it is just a temporary estus flask buff. I bet the number will return to the normal amount after I die. I'm playing the remastered version on ps4.
No, whenever someone else kindles the bonfire you are near, sometimes that kindling spreads to other players at that bonfire, and gives them a +1 to their flask, max of 20
Catacombs has a third bonfire, in the skellyman blacksmith's chamber. It is warpable-to as well as from.
I have reached the third bonfire in Duke's Archives (the one before crystal caves) in Remastered and it is not listed in the warpable bonfires list. Has FROM changed it?